10 tips to speed up OS X Mavericks

“OS X Mavericks is a lean, mean, Mac-running machine, and while it’s been optimized to work as well as possible with a variety of Macs, sometimes things get slow and need a little TLC to get back to full performance,” Brian Meyer reports for Apple Gazette.

“Whether you recently updated to Mavericks, bought a new Mac with Mavericks pre-installed, or did a completely fresh install of Mavericks, the tips below will help you get your Mac running as fast as possible and do away with any issues that might be getting your Mac down,” Meyer reports. “Check out these 10 tips to speed up OS X Mavericks…”

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  1. I had the impression that 16 GB of RAM was enough to keep things snappy, but Mavericks has brought my Mac Mini to a crawl. Not as in “go get a cup of coffee while you wait for it to boot,” but “go grind beans, filter water, and make a pot of coffee while you wait for it to boot.”

  2. thanks for posting the manual tricks to speedup slow Mac. After usage over time period, Mac starts operating at slow speed due to many factors. Moreover, it is good inspite of buying a costly tool rather doing it at your own

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