The fabulous rides of Sir Jony Ive

“Today, Apple designer Jony Ive turns 47. One of the threads of his incredible career has been a passion for hot wheels,” Buster Heine reports for Cult of Mac.

“Before going on to become one of the world’s most famous designers, Jony Ive went to London’s Central Saint Martins Art School fueled by an early passion to design cars,” Heine reports. “Eventually, though, he took a detour that led him to revolutionize design in personal technology.”

“Apple hasn’t gotten around to making an iCar yet, but Jony’s passion for automobiles is still revved up and cruising for thrills,” Heine reports. “The famed designer hasn’t been afraid to fork over some fat stacks for a nice car on a whim – even if one of his brutal beauties almost cost him his life – and has gathered a nice little collection of luxury cars over the years.”

Read more, and see them all, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. Let’s save everybody the trouble of following on the latest paparazzi clickbait.

    There are only two “fabulous” cars Ive owns, both Aston Martins. The rest are surprisingly incongruent mix of antiquated cheap microcars and boring old-school heavy conservative luxury automotive choices. All overpriced British steel, with the exception of the vintage Fiat 500.

    You’d think a Brit enthusiast would have enough class to pick up an old Jag E-Type, a Bristol, a McLaren, and/or a TVR. … and maybe a Bowler.

    1. As a designer he would never choose a TVR, some of them did look great the Cerbera in particular but everyone who has owned one will know that they were as reliable as a steam powered bike.

      Not into Rolls or Bentley models he has but both top notch if you like that sort of thing the Sprite is a great little car a classic of its time, whats not to like. The Fiat is the one I hate a former partner had one and it was a pig, unreliable, cramped and a rust bucket like most Italian cars but it did I guess have a certain style that worked as long as you were driving it around the streets of Rome.

      If I were to choose an Italian car it would have been the Alfasud the nicest drivers car I have ever driven with a beautiful sound from its flat 4, you really felt part of it but again I spent far too much time collecting bits that fell off and pushing it round the North Circular whenever there was a shower.

            1. Wow, what intellect and insightful response. No name calling or personal attacks, no guilt by association and no drifting from the main topic of Jony and design.

              Yeah, right.

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