The ecosystems play is expanding, which is bullish for Apple

“While there are hundreds of emerging tech startups, they all face a major challenge; how to thrive in the existing ecosystems,” Intelligent Speculator writes via Seeking Alpha. “Companies like Dropbox that I personally use and love are facing tough competition from the likes of Apple’s (AAPL) iCloud, Amazon’s (AMZN) Cloud services, Microsoft’s (MSFT) Skydrive, and Google (GOOG) Drive.”

“When I look at news and see Apple hiring physiologists and sleep experts, Google building glasses and auto-driving cars, and buying a thermostat company, and Amazon buying a gaming studio, I think it becomes very clear that these companies feel like they can now start to leverage their existing ecosystems,” Intelligent Speculator writes. “At its current size, no one expects Apple to grow by 30-40% per year but I would argue that the company will leverage its ecosystem enough to generate a 15-20% growth for the next 4-5 years at a minimum which makes it greatly undervalued in my opinion.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. “they can now start to leverage their existing ecosystems”

    Where has this moron been for the past decade? Apple has been building and leveraging their ecosystem for years now…

    iTunes -> iPod -> iPhone -> iOS -> iCloud

    They’ve used each to advance the other.

    1. The only problem is: Without ubiquitous and cheap connectivity, the cloud is a dead end. No connection, no usefulness. End of story. iCloud fails one or both criteria in 90% of the land mass of the United States. Maybe it’s just for city boys.

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