San Francisco planning commission votes to accept flagship Apple Store in Union Square

“The San Francisco city planning commission voted today in favor of accepting the new Apple Store in Union Square, which an Apple spokesman said would be ‘a flagship’ store that would become ‘more iconic than the glass cube in New York City,'” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“The changes announced today include moving the historic fountain outside the new location to center it in the resized plaza,” Beasley reports. “According to Apple’s architect, the fountain will be moved in one piece rather than disassembled and rebuilt a few feet away from its current position.”

“After hearing arguments for and against the project from union members, private citizens, and nearby businesses for nearly two hours, the commission voted to approve the project by a margin of 5-1,” Beasley reports. “Now the city’s Board of Supervisors is the last hurdle standing before Apple. Once the Board has given approval to build, Apple will be able to start the demolition of the existing building to make way for the newer structure.”

Apple Store Union Square in San Francisco, California (Photo: Mlavalle, Foster + Partners)
Apple Store Union Square in San Francisco, California (Photo: Mlavalle, Foster + Partners)

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  1. If it’s really gonna have those giant doors in
    the front they may find themselves eventually
    installing nets to keep the bats from the cathedral
    from flying in during store hours.

  2. The SF Apple Store looks like it was designed as a perfect target for people to crash trucks through the front glass and steal iPhones. But it is true that the store would not look as nice with a row of heavy steel poles embedded in the concrete in front of it…

    Perhaps the fountain will serve as a shield.

    1. It would make a very exciting heist movie, no doubt. The opening montage would commence at the fountain with a vertical pan from the sheeted water to the store front reflecting a perfect cirrus sky and wheeling gull formation. — Screeching crash — camera shudder — slo-mo cloud of spinning glass shards, rainbows winking in mist. Running, shouts. Truck doors thrown open, swarthy men wearing Lee Kun-hee masks burst into store, stuff merchandise into canvas bags. Doors slam, truck turns, bumps over broken display cases, roars down steps into street. Stops dead, four flat tyres. finis

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