Samsung, LG to supply batteries for Apple’s ‘iWatch,’ sources say

“Contrary to recent news reports of solar-powered smart watches, Apple has confirmed that it will stick with lithium-ion batteries for its upcoming iWatch,” Kim Young-won reports for The Korea Herald. “These batteries are to be supplied mainly by Samsung SDI, LG Chem and Tianjin Lishen Battery, according to industry sources.”

“‘Apple will utilize LG Chem’s stepped battery since it offers better longevity than others and can be applied for different shapes,’ a source said, declining to be identified,” Kim reports. “Stepped batteries consist of layers of batteries and are said to have around 16 percent more energy efficiency than a traditional battery, as the step-like design reduces unused space in the battery pack.”

“The iWatch is expected to be released in the latter half of this year,” Kim reports. “The smart watch was also unlikely to sport a curved screen, according to industry watchers who believe there would be no point in making a curved screen that would be at most 2 inches wide. A curved display may also put strain on the wearer’s wrist if worn for a long time, they said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re going to take this one with a grain of salt, if you don’t mind, considering the source and all.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. > Contrary to recent news reports of solar-powered smart watches…

    Even a watch that can re-charge from “solar” still needs to have a battery.

    This “two-inch” screen is obviously going to be long and narrow, and slightly curved to follow the contour of the wearer’s wrist. Apple will make iWatch do a few things really well, in the way Apple usually focuses its designs.

  2. ScamScum has to bundle that worthless watch with a Galaxy Note IIII to get rid of them. Why would anyone think Apple would do an iWatch? I can’t think of any tech gadget I’d be less likely to buy. The R&D costs to make it really worth something would take forever to cover with the profit, unless it was really high priced. Then the pool of buyers shrinks. None of it makes any sense to me. It doesn’t sound like a market that Apple would go after. IMO

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