Mystery medical app for iPhone comes to light with direct connection to Apple

“Ever since Apple’s computer band or iWatch patent came to light there’s been a lot of speculation about Apple’s device melding with a medical monitoring system,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “Tim Cook pointing to the Nike+FuelBand at the All Things Digital Conference last year helped to hype the idea.”

“Last week it was reported that Apple’s medical team for iWatch now includes former Masimo CMO Michael O’Reilly,” Purcher reports. “The report presents a list of high profile hires added to Apple’s medical team thus far. On Friday the New York Times Bits columnist Nick Bilton revealed that Apple executives met with the F.D.A. dot discuss medical applications. The report further noted that Kevin Lynch, the company’s vice president of technology, is involved in creating software for the iWatch, and that SVP of Technology Bob Mansfield has also been looking at health-related tech to connect to the iPhone.”

“The momentum is building and Patently Apple discovered an interesting patent last week that was developed by Naeem Ansari, the very same Ansari that was behind Apple’s latest financial system patent application that we posted last Thursday,” Purcher reports. “In our ongoing patent related research we discovered that Ansari filed for a medical related invention back in 2012 that is designed to work with Apple’s iPhone.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I wish Apple would just get this thing out into the market. It seems the only way to shut up the naysayers, is to debut a new product like the iWatch. If 2014 end up being like 2013, where Apple basically just came out with one new service “iRadio,” and upgrade iterations to its software and hardware, than they’re headed for troubled waters.

    How much longer is Apple going to leave us hanging? I want Apple to made these pundits and analysts to eat their lunch more than anybody. But they can’t do it without some new kit. Come in Apple, Shake a let already!

    1. 2013 – Mac Pro did you forget?

      Plus if you think a new product, a ground breaking product would shut-up the analysts. You’re wrong.

      Apple could come out with a transporter that costs $99 and Wall Street would still find something to bitch about.

      One last point, how did MS do this past year?
      How did HP do this past year?
      – – Repeat with any hardware vendor.

  2. This would be easy for Apple to implement in manufacturing and could be an alternative to a wrist band device for vitals. Secondly, I also believe that Apple would have been interested in Ansari’s health app more than the financial one.

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