Mavericks Update: Stick a fork in OS X 10.9.2?

“Apple’s second and still brewing second Mavericks update fixes bugs, delivers a whole bunch of new graphics drivers and also brings minor new features. As we near the public release, what else is “known” about OS X 10.9.2?” FairerPlatform asks.

“Whereas last week’s OS X 10.9.2 Beta 3 [13C44] tipped the scales at a hefty, hefty 1.9-plus gigabytes, Apple’s just seeded Beta 4 [13C48] weighs less than half that,” FairerPlatform reports. “So, last outing was a reset? Hmm, not an unreasonable conclusion.”

“FaceTime Audio calling is a new feature, which is available within FaceTime and Messages,” FairerPlatform reports. “If past is prologue, Apple deliver OS X 10.9.2 as early as next week.”

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    1. I had the same problem with the software for my Epson scanner. Epson fixed it after a few weeks though.

      Not sure Apple is responsible for updating your AuthenTec scanner software or drivers though.

    1. here, here. Mail in Mavericks is the worst abomination I’ve ever seen in an Apple OS update. I can’t believe they shipped Mavericks when Mail was such an absolute mess!

          1. Your password for the iTunes Store? I’m afraid that nagging situation is deliberate. Delinquent parents have been suing Apple after their chaotic children bought thousands of dollars of stuff off the store. The idea is to make absolutely certain that whoever is buying the stuff has administrator privileges. They also deliberately ask for your password yet again for every child hostile app update you want to download, which includes every web browser. (o_0)

            If not the iTunes Store, then what have you experienced?

      1. Here’s one MAJOR problem – it still won’t reliably retrieve Gmail for me. Some days I don’t get any Gmail emails till end of day, when they all come at once. It’s ridiculous. Never happened before Mavericks.

      2. It doesn’t retrieve mails over IMAP, even when you click the Send/Receive button. I have to sit my iPhone on my desk next to my Mac so that it will alert me when a mail comes in.

        No point having a Mail client that you have to restart every time you want to read your e-mail.

      3. Not all bugs affect everyone. Everyone doesn’t use the same features, and not all quirks bother people.

        For example, Apple uses Microsoft Office internally. They do not use iWork, Final Cut Pro, or iMovie in their business. When they knocked them down to the fourth-grade level, it had no affect on their operations. The truncated feature set made the software more appropriate to the user community they imagined was there. In the discussion forums we found out that Apple had misjudged its user community. We heard from professional users, the users Apple didn’t realize were there. We learned that one person was halfway through switching his business to Macs and Pages when Apple discontinued Pages overnight and replaced it with software that was, for his situation, as useful as a coloring book. He was so angry that he threw out all the Macs and switched to PCs and Windows, because Apple made it impossible for him to continue the transition, and for all its faults, Microsoft does not make such hugely disruptive changes overnight.

        For us, and sometimes even for Apple, people’s complaints are puzzling, because the software works fine for you or me or Apple. The rest, perhaps the majority of users, say, “You don’t see our problem, not because it isn’t there, not because it is unimportant, but because you don’t use the software the way we do.” The majority should rule.

    2. Works great for me. What problems are you having?

      Though I haven’t experienced it myself, I love the new “break gmail” feature I’ve been hearing about. They should apply that to all google products IMHO.

  1. The sync of an iPad Air to iTunes on Mavericks is an exercise in futility. Manual management of media is checked, yet iTunes tries to replace deleted media. This is an issue that has happened after previous SW updates needs to be fixed. Again.

    Poor attention to detail.

    1. Dude I have no problems with over the air WiFi syncing between my iPad Air and iTunes on OS X Mavericks. Everything (music, iBooks, photos via iPhoto, podcasts, movies) syncs over without a hitch.

      Try connecting via a wired connection (USB-Lightning connector), unchecking the WiFi sync, forcing sync (over wired), then checking the WiFi sync. Sometimes the WiFi sync doesn’t implement properly. Also before you disconnect the wired connection, make sure you eject the iPad Air on iTunes.

  2. I have a 2010 MacBook Pro and since upgrading to Mavericks I have been experiencing intermittent graphics corruption issues. It’s not specific to an application and affects primarily Finder and Safari.

    Anyone else out there having the same?

    1. It’s a semi widely reported issue with those specific machines. It’s not a Mavericks specific issue. Apple is looking into it. Apple replaced many iMacs with similar hardware and similar issues a while back. Hopefully, Apple will do the same with those old MacBook Pro systems. Though they are nearing 4 years old, so Apple might not replace such old machines.

    2. I have weird system freezes that seem to happen more often when I’m working the graphics card. I’ve had fewer freezes once I switched out the Apple FTDI USB drivers for a 3rd party set.

  3. Does Mavericks 10.9.2 fix the USB-3 issue? Still having trouble with iMac and attaching music devices through USB-3. Loud screeching sound with Garageband. iMac came preloaded with Mavericks and 10.9.1 upgrade did nothing to correct it.

  4. Please god let them have fixed the Save delay.
    Presently when i save a file and choose (in list view) Desktop (or any other destination)it takes approx. a minute for the column to populate with the already present folders/files. Staring at the cog is a pain in the …..

    1. Frank, there is a solution to your problem. The delay happens because the Save dialog box is looking for all the external drives. You can fix it as follows:

      In short:

      Run Terminal and enter this command:
      -$ sudo nano /etc/auto_master
      Enter your admin password when requested.
      This puts the auto_master file in a text editor.
      Find the line that looks like this:
      -$ /net -hosts -nobrowse,hidefromfinder,nosuid
      Put a # sign in front of the slash to comment out the line:
      -$ #/net -hosts -nobrowse,hidefromfinder,nosuid
      Press Control+O to save the file
      Press Control+X to exit the nano text editor
      At the command line, flush the automount cache:
      -$ sudo automount -vc
      Quit the terminal.

      That might solve your problem.

      If Apple comes out with a bug fix for that, edit the file again to remove the #.

  5. What ever else they do they have to fix Quicklook, It has been an absolute disaster in Mavericks! I can’t preview any .cr2 or larger .tif files anymore because it keeps crashing. I even went to the extent of completely wiping my drive and re-installing Mavericks from scratch but Quicklook still does not work correctly. For such an essential tool I’m surprised Apple has not addressed these issues yet.

  6. Forget Mail, my iMac won’t launch its screensaver consistently. Others have had this problem too. It also won’t go to sleep. A reboot fixes it for a little while. This is likely related to the new power management stuff, but the net result is that my LCD screen has burn-in from sitting on with the same text on it. I just need to open a grey background and I can read my email! I’ve tried everything thats been suggested online and nothing has worked- its not a misconfiguration- the OS has broken the ability to run a screensaver and power down the display consistently.

    Release the update already…I keep hoping this gets fixed before my display is completely toasted.

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