Judge’s sanction for Samsung’s leak of Apple secrets: Public shaming

“U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal was furious,” Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune.

“Details of a patent licensing agreement between Apple (AAPL) and Nokia (NOK) that were turned over to Samsung’s outside counsel with an agreement — protected by court order — that they would absolutely, positively never be seen by Samsung itself — turned up in the hands of a Samsung licensing executive who told a shocked Nokia executive: ‘all information leaks,'” P.E.D. reports. “‘A casual observer might reasonably wonder,’ Judge Grewal wrote in October, ‘what magic a protective order works that allows outside counsel access to confidential information to advance the case without countenancing untoward uses by the client.”

“The answer is not a magical one at all: confidential information remains confidential because counsel and clients alike follow court orders. If parties breach this basic rule, the court’s assurances become meaningless,'” P.E.D. reports. “Apple and Nokia had demand tough sanctions against Samsung and its outside counsel, Quinn Emanuel, Grewel on Wednesday delivered his answer: His ‘public findings of wrongdoing’ — plus court costs — would be ‘sufficient both to remedy Apple and Nokia’s harm and to discourage similar conduct in the future.'”

“To the judge, in his court room, a public finding of wrongdoing probably seems like a big deal. Outside the court, where most people live, his admonishment is likely to get lost,” P.E.D. reports. “So in the spirit of Judge Grewal’s order — to ‘discourage similar conduct in the future’ — I’ve reposted below a partial record of Samsung extra legal activities…”

Read more about what an awful company Samsung really is here.

MacDailyNews Take: This would work great… if Samsung and the criminals running it were capable of feeling shame.

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    1. You mean Saul the “‘Tude Corrector” wise guy? At this point probably only the Mob “leaning” on Shamelessscam with executives being strung up by their thumbs or other appendages would get their enlightened attention. Something they would finally understand.

  1. Ah yes. Justice thundered through the door and slammed down a ruling. The Judge was “furious.” Really? You realize this Judge has fined people far more for parking violations?

    I have stated the American patent enforcement system is completely broken. There is Judge Koh, who said she didn’t think Samsung had damaged Apple. The well qualified Judge Cote, who never bothers to wait for a trial to get her opinion, and knows nothing about price fixing. And now we have this idiot, who is going to get ’em by shaking his finger and screaming no, no, no. Well, I am just dazzled.

    Apple doesn’t need foreign competition. Our local judges will kill them. It would save the American economic system a fortune to lay off all of these patent “enforcement” people. They are useless.

  2. Why does the US Judiciary insist on demonstrating their buffoonery? Clowns and asshats abound.

    To quote GW Bush on the subject: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, uh, I can’t get fooled again.” You blew your chance, Judge. You will forever be known as a man of empty words and no action.

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