Does your Apple Retail Store smell like body odor?

“The other day a friend of mine mentioned that our local Santa Monica Apple Store smells bad. Like body odor,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “Particularly in the morning at the entrance.”

“A simple Web search reveals that this problem is not exclusive to Apple Santa Monica. At least not historically. Most reports of a stench permeating Apple retail are from the pre-2013 period,” Pendola writes. “In fact, my unscientific, Google-fueled sample revealed that a majority date back to the 2008 to 2012 timeframe.”

“You would think if the presence of what even Santa Monica Apple Store employees I spoke with define as B.O. has been a recurring problem elsewhere, management in charge of retail operations would have taken steps to safeguard future stores, particularly the brand’s most important ones,” Pendola writes. “But, of course, after Ron Johnson left for J. C. Penney nobody, other than the underperforming John Browett (who lasted six months), was officially in charge of Apple retail for an entire year. Maybe job one for Angela Ahrendts is to address this known issue.”

Pendola writes, “I call it a ‘known issue’ because I spoke to two Apple Store Santa Monica employees this week who confirmed, without hesitation, that the store, at times, does indeed stink.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Browettized.

We know California has a never-ending water supply issue, but, sheesh, bathe people! At least use some deodorant/Antiperspirant (the real stuff, not that “organic, all-natural” crap that doesn’t work, either). And, no dropping by for a spare Lightning cable on your way home from the gym, either!

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  1. Next stop for Rocco Pendola: penning his next piece in human excrement. Do you think young Rocco sat at his typewriter as a child fantasizing about the day he’d get to write about smells in the entrances of technology retailers?

    Expect the upstairs neighbor to continue hearing Rocco get drunk and break things on a nightly basis or to hear a single gunshot in the middle of some night soon.

    And then smelling something like BO in a week or 2.

  2. There is an infamous type of plastic that, when aged, will give off the stench of an old geezer’s butt stink. It is a pliable/bendable plastic I have found is commonly used for box fan grills. The stink his horrible. Overnight, the plastic would just sit in stagnant air. The venting stench would therefore build up in one place until someone opens the doors in the morning.

    Either than or that store is being haunted by a particularly smelly geek ghost. I’ve known of people who, for gawd knows what reason, can’t sense their own stink and don’t commonly bathe. In previous centuries we might have suspected they came from France. Urban rumor has it that such people continue to stink after their demise. It’s time to call Ghost Hunters.

  3. For those who complain of excessive body oder in Apple stores, please hang out in Microsoft Stores in order to introduce your own body odors into those normally depopulated outlets.

    Stores with no body odor are either propped up Socialistically or are about to close from inadequate customer activity.

    If in fact Apple at one time deployed deodorizing machines, perhaps it stopped because some chemically-sensitive customers had dermotological or other kinds of medical reactions. For example, a friend is sensitive enough of artificially introduced odors, that must avoid breathing odors from all popular soaps and toothpastes, kitchen detergents, industrial solvents and cleaners, toilet papers with ink designs, and his wife’s beautifiers and deodorants.

    So, no, bodily oder is not necessarily from the unwashed as the author haughtily implies. And, if some are in fact are unwashed, the author should apologize for blaming those who have no shower facility for not washing in the way that the author demands.

  4. I worked at an Apple store for 5 years. (2008-2013) The odor was one of the main reason the store was kept as cold as it was. It’s very difficult to have a place with as much traffic as an Apple store has and not have an issue with odor, but the cold helps. The A/C broke two or three times during my tenure, now that was body odor.

  5. This is actually something that occurs at every Apple store I’ve been to since the iPad was released.
    The store gets more traffic than a place that size normally gets. Add all the wood and the smell will linger.
    I’m not the only one who has noticed it either. I’ve friends who joke about Apple stores smelling like ass.

  6. I cannot help but laugh and SMH at the stupidity of bloggers. Is it possible that they actually believe no one was in charge of Apple Retail after Ron Johnson left, except when John Browett was failing? So what, the entire Apple Retail division ran amok, headless, directionless, so much so that it’s managers and employees couldn’t even clean the store?

    The ultimate in stupidity. Like Ron Johnson issued weekly emails to Apple Retail managers and employees, reminding them to bathe, or clean the tables and devices, or turn down the a/c so people wouldn’t sweat so much. Unbelievable.

  7. Former Apple Store employee I know says:

    They do smell.
    It’s BO.
    It’s not the customers, either.

    They would have hygiene talks as a staff.

    Maybe they need to dole out a few more shirts. The RDF was strong in there. 😉

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