Obama seeks broader trade deal authority, changes to immigration laws; announces education partnership with Apple, others

“President Barack Obama urged Congress to back two of the top priorities of U.S. multinational corporations: broader authority for his administration to negotiate trade deals along with changes to immigration laws,” Richard Rubin and Brian Wingfield report for Bloomberg. “Obama’s trade comments, which didn’t endorse a specific proposal, drew rare support from Republicans who have been prodding the president to push harder for the trade deals. Many Democrats say they are skeptical of the so-called fast-track authority for trade deals because of concerns the accords won’t protect U.S. jobs and don’t give lawmakers enough say on them.”

“Obama reprised tax, energy and transportation initiatives he has failed to move through Congress in prior years and then promoted less ambitious policies he can achieve with executive action or more narrowly focused legislation,” Rubin and Wingfield report. “He will bring corporate executives to the White House later this week to discuss hiring long-term unemployed workers, and he announced partnerships with Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Sprint Corp. and Verizon Communications Inc. to connect schools to broadband technology.”

“Obama supports lowering the corporate tax rate and curtailing tax breaks, then using any one-time revenue generated by those changes to pay for bridges, transit and other infrastructure,” Rubin and Wingfield report. “That plan has stalled in Congress, stymied by a partisan dispute over whether wealthy individuals should pay more and whether the one-time money should be used for rate cuts… On immigration, Obama reiterated his call for Congress to pass legislation to change the nation’s ‘broken’ system this year, allowing companies to better access labor resources… ‘Our immigration system is in desperate need of reform,’ Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement. ‘However, we don’t need another massive, Obamacare-like bill that is full of surprises and dysfunction after it becomes law.'”

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  1. Ohblahblah talks a lot.

    The Democrats never think ahead. They never consider what their actions might cause to happen in the future.

    Go ahead, keep using “executive orders,” keep skirting/ignoring the law, keep imposing new “laws” outside the system, keep setting precedent for the president to impose his will on the people. Democrats seem to think they’ll hold the White House forever. Good luck with that.

    When Republicans assume control, I wonder if they will resist the urge to reset the government and restore order or if they’ll instead ram through some idiotic program to take over at least 1/6th of the economy, wrecking what was once the envy of the world, on a purely partisan vote? I’d like to see, if only for the educational and entertainment value, the Republicans using the presidency to issue executive orders 24/7/365 to impose their will on the people.

    1. Yes, the Democrats could certainly make better use of foresight, like when the Bush administration looked ahead and saw our troops being greeted as liberators in Iraq. And Ronald Reagan’s prescience that AIDS wasn’t really a big deal.

      Thankfully we won’t have to look forward to another Republican administration anytime soon.

      1. Oh brother. @First2014 is talking about the here and now. Democrats like to bring up the past when they’ve got no leg to stand on. The point is, there are going to be long-term repercussions of Obamacare that not one Democrat considered when it was passed (e.g., companies pushing employees to the exchange for taxpayers to foot the bill for insurance, companies reducing employee hours below 30 to avoid providing insurance, people losing insurance that they “liked,” and so on and so on). The recent financial crisis was created by another affordable-themed act, the Community Reinvestment Act (aka the affordable housing act), pushed by Clinton. Just another progressive act with long-term repercussions not fully considered by Democrats.

      1. Democracy should be destroyed. It’s been the root of a great deal of evil throughout history, and the reason the Founders chose a representative form of government for the United States. Unfortunately, the people have pissed it all away with their apathy, ignorance, and reliance on government.

      2. Tflint,

        I work in a place that GIVES clothes to the needy, daily, and food when we have it donated, in an area with high generational poverty. I care about people. Still I am a conservative. I see many people every day and talk with them. Everyone of these are on welfare, – except those whose house burned for which we give food and clothes and some furniture, – but EVERY single one who love the welfare system, dispise the things the government today is doing outside of the welfare system. They know government is not working right, and doing less now than 6 years ago. I hear it all the time. I just nod my head in agreement and do not get into arguments with them.

        That said, I hear FAR FAR more hate and division from democrat minded folks than conservatives. Even your two lines gives forth the stron perception of hate and division towards non-democrats! I am a strong conservative, but I work with those who have totally different views. Those that support our work (100% NON governmental) are 95% conservative republicans. Very FEW democrats support with thier money or actions. And this is the deep south. Hate is not here except when some news org catches one bad apple and slants if for the purpose of hit-whoring!

        You do not know what democracy IS. Socialism is NOT democracy.

    2. If you really think that Democrat vs Republican really makes a difference then answer this one question: If you were in a coma for 4 years and just woke up today and didn’t know who was President and I gave you a month to figure it out, could you tell if you were living in a Democratic world or a Republican world without asking somebody?

      During that month you can go shopping, buy gas, watch movies, send a thousand text messages, or go on a diet. Could you tell the difference? Is there a single clue you could use to know? Nope! Yet we argue day and night over these imaginary differences! Stop living in the Matrix. Break away from your delusions and search for the clues as to what is really going on. If Obama Care is so different, how come we will be paying the same Insurance companies as before?

      Let’s keep fighting over nothing. A year from now not much will have changed. For most people, nothing will change– has it affected you? Some people will pay more and bitch and a few people will pay less and brag, meanwhile the war machine rages on and the real agendas of the “ruling class” will continue to advance while we fight over whether we want their causes advanced by a Democratic or Republican administrator.

      Would you rather get fired by a guy who is pro-life, or by a guy who believes in gay marriage? Which will be better for you?

      Wake up!

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