Convicted patent infringer Samsung’s patent deal with Google suggests concern about ability to settle with Apple

“Late on Sunday, Samsung and Google announced a ten-year global patent license agreement,” Florian Müller writes for FOSS Patents. “As the announcement notes, they already have a ‘long-term cooperative partnership’ in place, so there was no immediate threat of litigation between them anyway.”

“The press release quotes IP executives from both companies who suggest that this agreement should serve as a model for the wider industry, as an alternative to patent litigation. Those quotes show that the intention here is primarily to make those look bad who enforce their patents,” Müller writes. “Tthe fact that Google and Samsung enter into a long-term cross-license agreement does not make them IP innovators or thought leaders.”

“Samsung and Google own a lot of patents, but they haven’t been able to gain much leverage from those patents against Apple, Microsoft and others,” Müller writes. “They have, however, lost a number of lawsuits, and just last week a U.S. judge found Samsung to fringe yet another Apple patent and invalidated one of Samsung’s patents-in-suit, ahead of a trial scheduled to start on March 31. One way to sum up the announcement would be this: ‘If you can’t beat ’em, just try to make ’em look bad.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Desperation heightens as the noose tightens.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

Here’s Google’s Android before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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          The irony is more than slight. Here is some more irony, about the main character of a movie set in Anustralian. Turns out he’s not really an Anustralian but an American, born in Peekskill, New York.

          I know some people have trouble telling the difference between the two so maybe this educational video will help. It’s part of several commercials done by Anustralia’s Commonwealth bank and illustrates just how much the Anustralians hate Americans. Actually, that’s part of the difference, Americans don’t hate everybody.


          1. “Actually, that’s part of the difference, Americans don’t hate everybody.”

            Just a tad hypocritical.

            A couple of points:
            – Australians don’t hate everybody.
            – You, at least, hate Australians.
            – Your repeated use of this term and the insertion of your hatred into various topics with no logical linkage is tiresome in the extreme.

            1. Thanks for your posts John. I don’t see your point buy hey that’s all right perhaps you can elucidate them for me.

              Just a tad hypocritical.

              A couple of points:
              – Australians don’t hate everybody.: Really, that’s news to me. So there is some nation that Anustralia doesn’t hate, by all means please share.
              – You, at least, hate Australians.: I have said time and time again that I don’t hate them. If I did there would be a great number of them dead with their eyes and testicles ripped out a shoved down their throat.
              – Your repeated use of this term and the insertion of your hatred into various topics with no logical linkage is tiresome in the extreme.: That’s the beauty of emotions, they are not logical and linkage can be very tiresome to those forced to read it. Perhaps it would be best if you consulted with the person who is forcing you to read my posts and kindly ask them to cease and desist. If they are not Anustralian chance are good they will comply.

              Have a great day.

            2. “I have said time and time again that I don’t hate them. If I did there would be a great number of them dead with their eyes and testicles ripped out a shoved down their throat.”

              What a lovely human being you are.

              Core point – this is a Mac news site. On that count alone, fuck off with your poison.

            3. Thank you, under the circumstances I think it’s a great thing not to have taken a few of them down. It’s nice that you appreciate that I am a fine human being for doing that. I concur.

              To your core point, this is a Mac site where the community will go off on non related tangents, as I have pointed this out below. I appreciate your suggestion and certainly will not abide, especially as you have neither the means or capacity to do anything about it.

              I will however point out something that you are able to do and that is refrain from reading my posts. You are more likely to be better served that way.

              Have a good day.

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          And yes, I’ve endured years there, and it’s through that direct experience all over the island that I’ve gained these insights.

          I hope that answers your questions.

  1. The decision for Samesong to cozy up closer to Gluggle seems like their having to take a bitter pill, given all their previous signals that they were in the process of breaking away from the Android mothership, with the development of Tizen and the offering of their own app store.
    Their situation telegraphs to me a whiff of desperation that ecosystem creation ain’t that easy. They have spoiled their brand (or their competitors have spoiled it for them 🙂 ) by their unimaginative copying and off-center targeting of marketing to the BOGO hillbilly audience. It looks like between their recent crummy quarterlies and reversion to the shotgun approach to release of new models of mobiles that their cultural / corporate blinders will perpetually limit their ability to innovate their way out of impending obscurity.

  2. So the “copier” made an agreement with the other copier about not to sue each other for what they copy? And the want to make it a rule for everyone?
    Is like if a homeless make a deal with another homeless that everyone with a home should share Their home with other homeless. Yeah, give away what’s not yours, ofer what you don’t own.

  3. While I have no hatred for Australians (or any nationality for that matter) I do have a question: What are your thoughts on their immigration policies, especially from nearby countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam? I ask this, because I know some Asians who live in Australia, and from what I have heard, they do not like it, and they eventually plane on immigrating to either the US, or Canada. I have heard that the racism is pretty bad up…or should I say, down there. Since you are familiar with the country, I think you may know a lot more about this than me.

    1. What the fuck! This is a Mac news site and this is a posting on the Google-Samsung agreement. It is NOT a place to ask questions on people’s opinions of Australia’s immigration policies. Fer chrissake!!!!!

      1. This is a Mac news site and this is a posting on the Google-Samsung agreement. The post to which I replied to from Grigori referred to where the marriage was made. I simply commented that I felt a relief to the Google-Samsung marriage being made there as it could have been much worse. Heck for all I know it may have prevented Samsung and Google from having their hornymoon there, or it could have enticed them to go have their hornymoon there.

        I’ve seen a lot more threads go on and on and on about other unrelated topics (American politics is probably the most popular one) that were irrelevant to the topic. I look forward to seeing you posts there.

          1. As stated above, this is a Mac site where tangental topics will occur. I have pointed out that many use this as a venue to make snide poisonous and completely stupid barbs in terms of American politics and frankly I don’t see you complaining there, although I have seen others complain about it there.

            I don’t complain about tangental topics happening, but you are free to do so of course. Diverse opinions do happen at this site, and you sir can try as you might to change it, but I doubt your effectiveness with others and with me as well.

    2. Thank you for your post James. You have heard correctly and my personal experience certainly supports that. Of all the countries and places I have visited I have never seen anything like it.

      You may want to look up “White Australia Policy” on wikipedia along with Australia’s Apology to Britain to get some insight as to how migrants are treated there.

      I can certainly understand that many go there and after a while they want to leave, I could not wait to remove myself from that island. On the other hand, especially to those that can group together and stay strong, migration and globalization is sure to eradicate that culture of hatred, one Ho Ho Holden at a time. (Thank you Santa Claus).

      I hope this helps.

  4. The only thing this proves is that the two copycats work together. Apple should not back down a fraction considering how much the copycats have profited from Apple’s inventions. It is all on Samsung to settle with what Apple wants. Samsung should have no input in the matter as they have been proven guilty countless times.

  5. In my view, this agreement is only partially about patent litigation with Apple; it is equally about co-developing a 64 bit software/hardware platform for Android. To be effective, it will take very close integration between the SW & HW to match the benefits Apple has achieved.

    This was a desperate response to keep Apple’s exquisitely executed giant tech leap forward from relegating the Android platform to the trash bin. The surprise tech advances in the 5s and iPad Air kicked Samsung’s high-end sales to the curb and scared the crap out of both companies.

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