Slap on the wrist: Samsung’s damages for infringing Apple’s patents equivalent to 16 days’ profit

“The $930 million in damages Samsung was ordered to pay Apple last year for infringing its smartphone patents is more than some device makers earn in a year, but for Samsung it’s equal to just over 16 days’ worth of profit,” Martyn Williams reports for Macworld.

“The Seoul-based company reported its financial results Friday and said quarterly operating profit from its IT and mobile communications division, which sells primarily phones and tablets, came to $5.1 billion,” Williams reports. “That works out to roughly $56.6 million per day, so the damages it was ordered to pay Apple in one of their California lawsuits amounts to just over two weeks of profit.”

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  1. the real destruction to companies like Samsung is that it teaches the wrong thing to the company and weakens morale.

    what you’re inculcating into your companies DNA and teaching your staff is that
    – we steal
    – stealing makes money. All we the leaders care about is money (we even cheat our partners and customers like apple. So how do you think we care about YOU the worker?)
    – stealing is better than innovation
    – don’t trust us, don’t trust anyone
    – your leaders, CEO, BOD are immoral
    – you are working in a shitty company that survives by stealing.

    in short you are teaching your staff and building it into your company that : cheating is good, innovation is a joke, don’t trust your leaders or co-workers, you are working in an immoral company etc. How can managers get serious in encouraging a culture of innovation when every body knows: we make more money stealing?

    Long term I tell you this WRECKS a company.
    How can you innovate long term if your DNA is like that ?: I give Samsung Stupid Watch as proof….

    1. Davewrite, I agree.
      I feel that this is why Microsoft is declining and will never rise again.
      Copying and failure to innovate is in Microsoft’s DNA.

      And now copying, stealing, and absence of creativity is the fabric of Samsung.
      When the well of cheap illegal and unethical product resources dries up, there will be nothing left for Samsung to exploit.

  2. Hopefully there will be more costs and fines associated and more importantly some of the coping stop …..

    Free Android is no longer free …. There has been 23 patents so far that royalties are being paid on and the number will likely go up and at a faster pace ….

    Plus more bad press for Samsung is due here shortly as the March Trial comes into focus and the Press brings up Samsung infringement and court losses …..

    Most people are good and won’t buy stolen property …..if they know it is stolen …..

    And import bans, we can only hope!

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