Goldman ups Apple price target to $635 on iOS device momentum

Analysts at Goldman Sachs have raised Apple’s price target to $635 from $620 due to higher FY14-FY16 estimates based on increased confidence in Apple’s platform and iOS device momentum,” reports.

The firm raised Q4 forecasts to $14.29/$58.54B vs. consensus $14.08/$57.43B and reiterates its Buy rating.

Full article here.


    1. Try a 5 year chart and set it in linear (not log) vs Nasdaq. Almost 600%. Ignore the blip in 2012 and you can draw almost a straight line with it.

      Really, 15% is your bold guess.

  1. Forget about $635 a share. It won’t happen. Apple is currently sitting around $550. Even if Apple has a blow-out quarter it wouldn’t move the stock up more than a few percent. An atomic bomb wouldn’t move Apple stock up 5%. Don’t get your hopes up. Apple is not Google, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla or Priceline. Not even close. Apple might make more revenue than all of them combined but that means absolutely nothing to investors.

    A $635 price target might as well be on the moon or maybe even in another galaxy for Apple shareholders. Apple’s share price isn’t connected to any sort of fundamentals and Tim Cook has made enemies of everyone on Wall Street. Apple stock is pretty much floating around in limbo while shareholders are being roasted in Hades. It absolutely saddens me how a company that had a chance to be the MVP of the tech world is now sitting on the sidelines watching Google and Android run with the ball and jeering at Apple while doing a victory dance.

    I love the things that Apple stands for but there’s more to being a successful company than merely selling good products, especially if no one appreciates it.

    1. “Tim Cook has made enemies of everyone on Wall Street.”

      How did he do that exactly? By not borrowing more money? Seems a bit severe. I doubt very highly that he has made enemies of everyone on Wall Street, but even if he had, so what?

      “…shareholders are being roasted in Hades.”

      Got in too late, did we? I think most AAPL shareholders are probably doing quite well. Your short-sightedness is almost overwhelming.

      “…Google and Android run with the ball and jeering at Apple while doing a victory dance.”

      The world of investing is not like FaceBook where you get instant gratification on your status update from all of your fans. Try a little value-minded investing. Think like Warren Buffet. Get a little perspective.

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