A brief history of people giving Apple advice

“Some wise person — I wish I knew who — once said that everybody has two businesses: their own, and show business,” Harry McCracken writes for TIME Magazine. “The same is true in the world of technology, except the two businesses people have are their own, and Tim Cook’s.”

“Everyone, in other words, seems to have strong opinions about what Apple should be doing,” McCracken writes. “And a remarkable percentage of the people who share their thoughts state them not as a suggestion or a preference but as an imperative so absolute that ignoring it could plunge the company into crisis. To emphasize the seriousness of the matter, their headlines usually use the words “Apple must…”

“Herewith, a few examples,” McCracken writes. “Just to show this has been going on for a long time, let’s begin with an example that’s almost three decades old.”

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  1. As i always said for decades to Apple naysayers/doomsters:

    whether you’re a layman or anal-yst or journalist:

    1. STFU: your big mouth, big opinions matter not, since AAPL is still king, always trumping your so-called better ideas

    2. PROOF: if you’re so smart, why is AAPL so rich/successful yet you’re not?! if Apple needs your advice, since you know better than them, why have we never heard of your NeXT Big Thing or Think Different Invention or success story?

    3. SOUL: if Apple were to listen to all silly ideas on how to improve, they’d be as kitchy as all competitors – flummoxed indeed! Apple would never reach Design/Functionality Essence and would disappear like all others: IBM / Dell / Nokia / Moto / BB / Sony / Msft…It is not about cheapening/diluting à la Walmart US Culture but
    a. humanizing technology (de-complicating it)
    b. raising the standards (technologically/culturally/aesthetically/usability etc)
    c. making high tech affordable & fun

    4. STFI & if you still are too stubborn to think Apple will out survive all competitors with vision left to grow, if you’re blindly hate Apple due to your Stockholm Syndrome & other flummoxed inadequacies, maybe you should stop fooling yourself, lying to yourself, waste energy instead of create your own superlative inventions or game-changing solutions for the world, without copying/stealing, and if you still can’t handle the truth, maybe you need a life of your own, go masturbate…

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