Why Google really is evil

I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this. – Steve Jobs

“When Steve Jobs famously declared his intent to ‘go thermonuclear war’ on Google, you could almost feel the vitriol behind the words,” Steve Tobak writes for FOXBusiness. “What so incensed Jobs wasn’t just the theft of Apple’s family jewels – the iPhone’s intellectual property – but a deep betrayal by Google’s leaders: Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.”

“While the ensuing patent war between the two technology giants is bound to keep teams of litigators rolling in dough for years to come, it’s clear that Jobs let what he thought were executives of a noncompeting company into the Apple fold,” Tobak writes. “It’s also clear that, after Schmidt joined Apple’s board of directors, Android magically evolved from a BlackBerry-like device with a physical keypad into essentially an iPhone clone with a virtual keypad and multitouch display.”

“Right up until the Federal Trade Commission forced him off Apple’s board in 2009, Schmidt maintained that Google was not really a competitor to Apple’s iPhone. Of course, Google followed Apple’s next breakthrough device, the iPad, with Android tablets which, presumably, weren’t competitors either,” Tobak writes. “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

Tobak writes, “Besides having founders and top executives with the ethical flexibility to stab one of its closest partners in the back with a classic bait-and-switch while disingenuously attempting to maintain a superior moral high ground, there’s even more evidence that Google is the most evil tech company since Microsoft was, back in the day.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Common misunderstanding: It’s not “do no evil,” it’s “do know evil.”

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scott M.” for the heads up.]

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  1. For the iHating Dolts that continues to support and believe Google is not Evil, I have a bridge to sell you on the cheap. Buy it so you iHaters can jump off when you realize how screwed you are supporting Evil Google.

  2. It os disheartening when you try to explain how google is evil in so many ways they just say….”come on its just technology, don’t get so worked up about it. I just wouldn’t know what to do without google”. A lot of people are oblivious. It is no good writing this kind of stuff. It is only read by people who already know this fact.

    What Id like to see is Apple get into SEARCH and Set up a competing entity that is virtually identical to Amazon. God, with all that money they should already have done this and more!!

  3. CES displayed an internet enable pressure cooker. Let’s just hope Google doesn’t acquire that technology. You can only guess what they may pack inside for those of use who express negative opinions of them.

  4. Google is an ad company with a ubiquitous search engine. They are ruthless and will do whatever it takes to preserve and expand their business.

    Apple is a tech company that’s been burned by both Microsoft and Google. These lessons are now part of the Apple psyche. Jobs is gone and now Cook is at the helm. Cook, in my opinion, is more even keeled than Jobs. He’s not prone to vendetta. I like his quiet, yet relentless, style.

        1. He does remind me of Gary Cooper in High Noon. Aside from overusing the word “incredible.” But this time, he won’t be riding off into the sunset after tossing his marshal’s badge in the dirt at the feet of the sycophants and cowards.

  5. The thing about Google leaders is the DO NOT KNOW they are evil.

    A more correct term for them then ‘immoral’ is ‘amoral’.

    Brin and Page became billionaires from college (their rise even more rocket like than Jobs) , feted as geniuses even as the bull-shat their way on to hyper celebrity status. They laughed their heads off as dumbo fanboys actually swallowed their b.s crap like “Do No Evil” (advised by top rank advertising gurus – they are primarily an ad company – they were using slogans advertising psychology to play on idiots emotions – and it worked!).

    Unlike Jobs who suffered setbacks to humble him and correct some growing flaws in his character Brin and Page never suffered so as time went on they became even more arrogant.

    they simply don’t believe anything they do (like stealing Wi-fi info from houses around the world or stabbing friends in the back ) is evil. They are the super brat kids: the rest of you all are the unwashed stupid poor morons: evil is what you all do, not us. Like some types of social paths they don’t know what bad is, they are amoral. And with billions at their disposal it’s really scary.

      1. Maybe you are right.

        thinking about it probably in their old age they would salve their conscience like Bill Gates and ‘do penance ‘ by starting some ‘charity trust fund’ …

  6. So ironic (and understand that I am a big Apple fan and user). Jobs stole the Mac interface, and bragged about it (great artists steal). Then he went ballistic, first when microsoft copied the Mac UI, and then when Google stole the iphone UI. Jobs can’t have it both ways…

    1. We all understand that you are a big Apple fan and user in the same sense that Brutus was a big fan and supporter of Julius Caesar, Benedict Arnold was a patriot, and Vidkun Quisling was a loyal Norwegian.

      1. This is my first time posting a comment at MacDaily. i see from the spate of replies that this is a website reserved for the true believers. Sorry to insert a little heretical history. I am going to go away now, and leave you all to your Apple fundamentalism. BTW, I still really like Apple (I’m posting on my ipad) but I am also a fan of objectivity. Don’t bother replying, I won’t be coming back…

        1. If you were a real fan of objectivity, you would have produced facts to back your attempted character assassination of Steve Jobs.

          You do get points for “true believer.”

        2. Sorry to insert a little heretical history. <–No, you FAILed at history. Your studies are better suited to MYTHOLOGY.

          Reiteration using new verbiage: A 10 year old can look up Apple history and get it right. You can't. Give up, or learn to do your homework, lazy lazy lazy.

      1. Jobs, in “Triumph of the Nerds”, when asked about his visit to xerox PARC, and what he had to say about accusations that he stole the Mac UI from Xerox, said “”We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” It’s on the record.

          1. Triumph of the Nerds
            1996 Film
            Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires is a 1996 three hour American PBS documentary film that explores the development of the personal computer in the United States from WWII to 1995. Wikipedia
            Initial release: June 12, 1996
            Adapted from: Accidental Empires
            Screenplay: Robert X. Cringely
            Story by: Robert X. Cringely

            Cringely: It figures. I’ve never known Cringely to get anything right. How sad that he couldn’t quote Jobs speaking at length about Apple’s relationship with Xerox.

            Hey Look What I Found, using the search terms “Apple’s relationship with xerox”! It’s the top link hit! I did my homework!


            This essay was written by Bruce [Horn] in 1996, and is reprinted here with his permission. Bruce was one of the main designers of the Macintosh software, and he worked at Xerox for years before that, so he’s uniquely qualified to discuss their relationship…

            Do you get it now?
            Doing your homework?
            See the importance yet?
            Are you going to read the article?
            And cure your ignorance?

            1. Haters don’t give a crap about the quality of the stuff that comes out their backside. They’re just happy to have something to throw at the object of their hatred, which turns out in the end to be themselves.

          2. Not pointing out a “line in a script”, just pointing out what Jobs says, on camera. Unscripted, it was his own respnse to the question about stealing from xerox. He was rather proud of it, and likened himself to Picasso. And, Apple’s rights to Xerox’s IP were no way near as clear as you might think. Which is why Xerox sued apple in 1989 for stealing the UI for Mac. Xerox lost the case, btw.

            I have no problems with Jobs stealing ideas, everyone does it. And he certainly commercialized it, whilst Xerox was twiddling its thumbs. But it does seem a bit hypocritical that Jons got all up in arms when others copied “his” ideas. The pot calling the kettle black, methinks.

            1. It was in a script, which in the case of a documentary is a cherry picked quotation taken entirely out of context. It sounded good at that point in the movie for Cringeley’s rendition of history. The end.

              As to why Steve Jobs actually said it, he had a great sense of humor and enjoyed messing with people’s minds. He sure messed up yours! Go read what a linked and stop being lazy. Your point has been made ridiculous.

        1. Other shameless thieves were Pablo Picasso and Wolfgang Mozart. We will see how time and history treat Steve Jobs. Until then, find something better to do with your time.

    2. Wow what a clueless soul johnranta is. It’s so easy to check the facts instead of hiding behind blatant embarrassing ignorance. You are plainly NOT a “big Apple fan.”

      People who use Apple stuffs DO know the facts and they are not the result of wishful thinking rewriting of tech history as seems to be your specialty, they’re historical record as plain as the nose on your face. Oh wait you have no nose!

  7. I have to say, I’m both surprised and disappointed by how this website is so biased and non objective. Especially the commentators. I’ve never seen a group of people think as uniformially without any consideration for their own ignorance.

    Honestly, how can people say that Google “stole” the iOS UI? It was a grid of icons! Like we’ve never seen that from every modern OS in existence. And some of the IP was NOT warranted. And yes, that doesn’t mean it was okay in a legal sense to ignore the IP and patents before fighting the legality of it, but it was necessary for competition – and that’s something Apple users should be grateful for.

    Let’s not forget that Apple has taken plenty of things from Android over the years: Notification Drawer, Quick Settings, multitasking, etc. Can you imagine what ios would be like without those features? Impractical to say the least. Even a company as proud as Apple can at least indirectly acknowledge what works.

    Hate Google? Fine, I could care less. But taking the android vs ios thing so personally, especially when it’s actually benefitted you in the long run is just petty. I’m not a huge fan of Apple software design or it’s marketing, but I drool over it’s hardware design.

    1. It’s not the row of icons that was the concern. I had a motorola clamshell phone with a row of icons way before the iPhone. It was the entire navigation of shifting screens, multi-touch, the way the entire UI worked. It’s really easy to think that any particular IP is obvious once a company implements it, but before the iPhone, there was nothing, and I mean nothing like it in the market. Now look at every mobile/tablet product and the market and be honest with your self.

      I get it, Apple has benefiting form competing ideas, things in Windows that ended up in the modern Mac OS. Same thing with iOS, but the blatant ripoff of the iPhone UI is obvious enough that even the most diehard ardent Android user must admit to it.

      Obvious inventions:
      Circular Saw – Tabitha Babbitt 1813. Now you think if this and go, how is it that this was not invited earlier? It is so obvious in hind site, just like the iPhone UI. But it didn’t happened until she came along and actually implement it the idea.

    2. I agree to an extent.

      Touch screen, icons, no keyboard: draw a picture of what that phone would look like. In 2006/7, just like in 1996, that’s what anyone could come up with.

      The real “theft” is a board member gleaning the product trajectory from a company he’s “serving.”

      1. you are sort of re writing history.

        “Touch screen, icons, no keyboard: draw a picture of what that phone would look like. In 2006/7, just like in 1996, ”

        when Apple came out with a touch screen phone people thought they were crazy: that a touch screen phone with no keyboard would fail. The black berry CEO’s laughed, the Nokia people laughed, the Motorola chairman laughed, Ballmer laughed.

        Ballmer said “”There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance … it doesn’t appeal to business customers because it doesn’t have a keyboard”

        Msft mobile group Manager ““We are not at all worried. ”

        Well known tech Pundits like Dvorak said : “Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone … it can wash its hands of any marketplace failures… Otherwise I’d advise people to cover their eyes. You are not going to like what you’ll see.”.

        Computerworld : “iPhone sales will be unspectacular… iPhone may well become Apple’s next Newton”

        CNET “”Apple is slated to come out with a new phone… And it will largely fail.”

        etc etc multiplied 1 million times.

        Today AFTER apple has done it and made tens of Billions revisionists b.s and say “it’s obvious”. None of the tech journals want to admit the buffoon statements they made so today so they re write history. And Google is helping with the whitewash with it’s billions of bucks in the ad and marketing industry. (look at the phone pictures above: the phone google was planning and showed to the press at Mobile World etc was a BLACKBERRY CLONE, when schmidt found out about the iPhone he radically changed the designs, even google Android engineers admit it in writing in google internal blogs how they scrambled to change android )

        and SERIOUSLY why hasn’t ANY of the hundreds of PC and phone companies like Samsung COME OUT WITH THE NEXT BLOCK BUSTER REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT since apple released the iPad if they can actually innovate ? Haters say apple is asleep today … so why hasn’t the rest taken up the slack (their smart watches, eyeglasses etc have been commercial or tech flops). Without apple they can’t innovate… Even the Mac Pro is the most radical PC design in years in spite of the dozens of PC makers.

        1. I think you missed my point here.

          I’m saying that at the theft as pictured here wasn’t the UI, it was the idea. In other words, if all Eric had to go on was a touch screen, no keyboard and apps, he (just as anyone) could imagine the pictured Google Android post-iPhone.

          Of course he had more to go on, being on the board. And, he also had confidence and was a believer no doubt in Apple’s ability to redefine products and create new product categories.

          I’m not saying that eventually there wasn’t a theft/borrowing/copying of Apple’s look and feel, etc. I am saying that at first, the lifting of the concept of a keyboard-less touch screen phone with apps on a grid was enough to go on to get a leg up on things for Google.

          And this doesn’t make him less evil.

  8. Jobs got pulled over when he invited Schmidt into apple.

    That was googles plan all along and jobs in his failing health was screwed.

    While Schmidt was at apple he was relaying everything back to google.

    Jobs thought he had a partner Schmidt knew he was given the keys to apple’s secrets.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if sxhmidt tried to approach Jony Ive while infiltrating apple and get him over to google.

    I bet it was on his agenda before he got caught and kicked out.

    It wouldn’t surprise me, a man like that with no conscience, morals, integrity or guilt.

    And yes we should be all VERY worried. Google have bought up robotics firms, and with the amount of info they’ve stolen from everyone don’t be surprised if they decide to plant it into a robot.

    Looks like sky net is gonna be a reality.

  9. A company like google with too much cash, no morals and a total disregard for privacy, basic human rights and an obsessive thirst for ownership of all personal data is one hell of a dangerous combination.

    I bet even governments are worried because they bloody well should be.

    You know what, the 3rd world war won’t be fought with gun and nukes it will be fought with information. And we are looking at a global nazi style blitzkrieg coming from google unless something is done.

    Mark my words.

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