Obama’s NSA proposals fall far short of real change

“The White House promised Friday that it was ending the NSA’s most controversial surveillance program ‘as it currently exists,” James Oliphant reports for National Journal. But make no mistake, it’s still going to exist.”

“In fact, what President Obama has announced will have little operational effect on the National Security Agency’s collection of Americans’ data. And, significantly, the administration has attempted to dodge some of the biggest decisions, passing the ball to Congress, which will likely do nothing if recent trends hold,” Oliphant reports. “The president didn’t come close to what privacy advocates have wanted—a sharp culling of the program or its outright termination. Instead, the goal of Friday’s announcement — as it has always been — was to reassure a skittish public both here and abroad that the program is being used responsibly. ‘This is a capability that needs to be preserved,” a senior administration official said.'”

“The president made two major policy prescriptions. First, he called for the data to be housed somewhere other than within the government. Second, he said before the NSA can search the calling-record database, it should obtain judicial approval,” Oliphant reports. “To the first, the president would not specify where the data will be ultimately stored. He wants the Justice Department and the intelligence community to come up with a proposal within 60 days… To the second of Obama’s measures, judicial oversight will come in the form of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which critics say acts as a rubber stamp for government surveillance requests, rather than by more independent-minded federal judges on other courts.”

“Most important, many of the recommendations the president made Friday are perishable,” Oliphant reports. “Ultimately Congress will have to determine the data-collection and storage issues and other major elements of the program, including the procedures of the FISA court, when it reauthorizes the NSA program this spring at the end of the 60-day window outlined by the president.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Blah, blah, blah. More pablum for the masses. Nothing of substance.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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  1. Obama’s NSA rhetoric today was HEAVY with bullshit. He talked about protecting US citizen privacy while doing literally NOTHING to stop it from being treasonously invaded by the NSA. It’s called ‘talking out your ass’.

    FRACK YOU Mr. President. It’s time for impeachment.

  2. Is it Bush, is it Obama, ha come on, there is no rolling up of the sleeves and getting right down to it. The weeee the people need to grow a spine, unite and change that political system. You think that the NSA is content with spying? Come on, it’s cyberattacks galore being lined up as long at your government steam roller keeps running you over.

    Sad to see a country with such great principles be reduced to a morally bereft warism terrorist state. It’s a race beyond the bottom.

    I do have to say all this bickering has one good benefit, fighting amongst yourselves sure keeps the free world safe.

  3. “First, he called for the data to be housed somewhere other than within the government… the president would not specify where the data will be ultimately stored. He wants the Justice Department and the intelligence community to come up with a proposal within 60 days…”

    Who wants to bet that Google or Amazon is the recommended non-governmental depository? The ultimate boondoggle. Google gets paid to house all of this personal, sensitive information, and they would never sneak a peak at it in order to make money…no NEVER!

  4. Damn.

    How depressing!!


To live in a Fake Democracy.

    Full of Democratic Lies!

    Democratic Spying?!
    What a concept!


Why do we excel in that in the USA instead of our original concept of
    For the People & Inventiveness?!

    Democracy my Ass!


ObamaMama got elected on the “Audacity of Hope”

    yet we have the government’s audacity to Rape Freedom!

    OB speech on Jan 16 resulted in these depressing facts:
”perishable” changes!

    no changes!
as usual – everything is fake in our American Democracy!

it’s infuriatingly sad!

to think we pay those schmucks to rule us like this, through hard-earned taxes!!


we must be idiots to not revolt as in Europe.

    we must be nuts to accept trashing our salaries without consent on how Taxes are used – why pay them to spy on us?!!

    Problem is lazy WhiteHouse, has merely shifted decisions to Congress, 

    but Congress is the culprit to start with!!
    The reason NSA has such powers.

    Just like FDA which is supposed to protect citizens, its labs are paid by interest groups – the pharma/food industries that we’re supposed to be saved from!


Nothing in U.S. Democracy is democratic anymore!

    the Only CHANGES:

•1• search after court APPROVAL 

    yet a court that is anti-privacy?! 

    Much of this activity will remain secret!!?
    Judicial Oversight through Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
    is also fake excuse as it’s more like rubber stamp for approvals, rejecting <1%! 

OB rejected public advocate! 

    FISA frustrating NSA is B.S. since OB reduced spying after 2 not 3 “hops”


FBI now even no longer needs approval for business records


    So, all the changes, where are they? It got worse since Friday Jan 16!!

    •2• DATA 

    now it's hidden outside gov but no one wants to deal with that filth, so it will remain in gov! 

    great excuse again.

    yet another way Democracy hides behind its facade.

    all Freedom(s) are fake!


at some point one might wish to live under tyranny where at least one knows one's enemies and what to expect.

    what type of shitty Democracy do we live in?

    Private consortium would take to long to form.


9/11 is excuse for little reform, but 

    1. it is still no excuse to RAPE Freedom 

    2. America is PARANOID, not democratic, tyrannical.
    WOMD never existed.
    No Iranian bomb can reach U.S.
    All our wars have been about Israel.
    US was never in danger.
    US has also never won a war, yet we kill our own kids for no real reasons.

    3. a REAL Democracy would let its People Decide how to balance security vs freedom 

    4. 911 Commission failed to prove it was terrorist not self-inflicted attack, no matter how horrible it sounds! 

    5. want freedom or security for gov. officials & congress, not citizens, to benefit from?
    Is that the reason for spying & wars?
    The 1%?!
    The it's not democracy but Tyranny!

    The irony is if a gov. Trusts its people, only then, do you have real freedom & nothing to worry about & safety & security & peace.

    Do you not learn from history i.e. wars or Prohibition or Slavery,
    that once you give people what they want & need, make them happy,
    not through dummfying tv, but give them real freedom,
    then they have no need to boycott or rebel?! 

    Grow up dear gov! Grow up! Democracy my Ass! 
    ObamaMama got elected on the "Audacity of Hope" 
    yet we have the government's audacity to Rape Freedom!

    A civilized mature Democracy lets people decide on all things.
    Until then, we do not need to brag about America being the Best version of Democracy!
    Until then, let's not be stupidly patriotic, as shallow Hal, and believe what we're told.
    What we're told is not autonomy, not real freedom, lest we think it.
    Patriotism is fake when we feel insulted by such comments, esp. when we find that any politically incorrect self-expression, attacks the country's security, when it's just talk and supposedly one's democratic right. 
    A country that fears speech, whose security & sovereignty shakes due to self-expression, is an immature country that has no strength & resilience at all, since it must attack & kill, instead of govern intelligently, maturely, professionally, humanely.
    Then we're nothing more than uncivilized brutes, barbarians.
    Are we afraid of who we are, as Madonna asked once?!
    Are we Paranoid or Democratic?
    Our forefathers would vomit at how we reduced the world's initial free democracy into such a police state.

    If you think you’re a patriot by saying”
    “Don’t like it here, get the F out”
    then you only prove you’re the traitor.
    that does not believe in rights to speak.
    that does not do anything to save the country from doom,
    when it lost its mojo, moral compass, original constitutional rights!
    those rights do not grow on trees, they must be cultivated, kept in balance.

    so instead of spending all that energy in feeling insulted or offended, fear your own stupidity, but let those of us who defend rights & liberty, stand up, as we all should, in a real democracy we can be proud of.

    After all: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin! (in Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759)

    Democracy & Freedom are not magical.
    they disappear if not cultivated continuously!

    do we not realize what we're losing?
    Security is NOT Freedom!
    Freedom IS Security damn it!
    Security derives from Freedom, not vice versa!
    IF we have Full Freedom, then we're secure.
    IF we have full security first, then Freedom can not exist by definition!

    America has no right to define Democracy or police the world & force its version of Democracy upon other people.
    Simply because it no longer understands democracy, as we're a police state, hiding behind democracy.
    Brazil has full free private internet and plans to push its own US-free internet backbone.
    Free America is going to let foreigners surpass our own version of Freedom? 
    Great. Now we lost on innovation & reached Ancient Greek/Roman Decadence.

    How sad.
    How demoralizing.

    But do not be offended by my arguments.
    they're just comments to wake us up.
    to what we're losing.
    people who fight for such rights, who say something, 
    who use their democratic rights,
    who check-balance the original constitutional rights,
    they are the real patriots!
    do not call yourself a patriot if you just sit there, swallow all official philosophy & excuses,
    and feel insulted by non-status quo comments, 
    since status quo is not freedom,
    since freedom is about commenting, free speech, self-expression.
    the best balance derives from expression, not suppression.

    the best freedom comes from freedom, period!

  5. Golly, folks. Certain facts are incontrovertible.
    Bush-Cheney doubled the national debt or more.
    Those preparing the terrorist attack of 9/11 made extensive use of the telephone system.
    NSA’s monitoring of the telephone system does NOT include any record of who said what to whom. It is designed to be able to figure out what American phone, if any, is called from Yemen or Somalia or some other identified-as-hostile phones, and what other numbers are called by that American phone, and whether there is some pattern to this.
    That is not the end of the world. Everyone at my telephone company can see my phone bill, it’s scarcely a military secret. I don’t care if NSA also sees my phone bill.

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