Samsung to follow Apple’s lead, offer metal, plastic Galaxy phone models, biometric authentication

“The next flagship smartphone from South Korean manufacturer Samsung will reportedly be offered in two versions — a metal-clad premium edition and a cheaper model sporting a plastic case,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider.

“If true, the move would mirror Apple’s decision to drop its longstanding practice of discounting the previous year’s model in favor of a new, bifurcated lineup,” Cole reports. “With the introduction of the iPhone 5s, Apple discontinued the iPhone 5 in favor of an all-new iPhone 5c featuring a polycarbonate shell in a variety of colors.”

Cole reports, “Samsung is also considering adding biometric authentication capabilities to the handset in order to counter Apple’s popular Touch ID feature.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the ever-innovative, Shamelessdung.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dominick P.” for the heads up.]



      A modest attempt at a Limerick by Swordmaker:

      The repeat patent infringer called Samsung
      With business decisions made by Some Scum,
      From huge factories in Korea
      They spread illicit Diarrhea,
      And earned a new name, SameDung.

  1. Sammy got it very easy..
    They don’t have to invest in R&D, they just need to wait for apple to came up with something and copy it. The best of all, is that the copied feature doesn’t even has to work, it just have to kind of look like apple’s feature.
    Having a market of dummies to fool is the easiest to maintain.. but as all android companies have realized, is not the one that pays the most.

    1. You’re right on. Samsung can go both ways, though. They can use their own R&D or simply ride on Apple’s coat-tails. They really don’t care about morality or blatant copying. Samsung’s only goal is to eat into Apple’s market share and outsell Apple at every turn. Apple needs to get smarter by patenting everything it does to stop their designs from being copied so easily. The smartphone industry doesn’t care if everyone copies Apple’s products because they want Apple’s business to fail, so Apple better be able to defend itself.

      I was very disappointed when I heard Apple still hasn’t done any innovation even with the Touch Sensor ID and 64-bit A7 mobile processor. I honestly don’t know what the industry would consider innovation in a smartphone. A battery supply powered by a singularity? A 5″ display smartphone that shrinks into a 1″ rectangle when not in use. I just don’t get it.

      The typical Windows desktop computer has pretty much looked the same since the IBM PC-AT of the early 1990s and I never heard anyone complain about lack of innovation. The iPhone goes a year without a major external redesign and Apple gets disparaged over lack of innovation. That’s so stupid. Why is there a need for a constant redesign of smartphones anyway? They’re already pretty good at what they do. They only need to be refined a bit at a time to suit most consumers’ needs. Iris scan? C’mon. A smartphone isn’t the entrance to the Pentagon’s classified vault.

  2. Samdung to counter Apple with iris scan. Try to turn on your phone
    as you wake up in the morning and scan your iris in dark bedroom,
    very practical with Koreans eyes maybe.

    1. Try avoiding the other cars on the highway while holding the Samsung Android phone up in front of your eye to turn it on. Again, are they thinking this through or just adding features just to sell the crap.

  3. They are still working on the 64-bit issue. Maybe if they do what RIMM did and offer two 32-bit phones together, they could call it a 64-bit option. 32 + 32 does = 64. Just package they together and call it 64 bits. Just don’t say that all of the bits are in the same device! That may work for the basic Android Google user. What do they know. They aren’t buying the real thing anyway!

  4. Wow, they don’t even care to pretend that they’re just going to follow Apple’s lead. Talk about a company with no honor. At least they’re not gloating about being great innovator’s I guess.

    One of the things that used to really irk me about Gates and Ballmer was the way they’d spew the words innovate, innovator’s, innovation and all its iterations. As if they actually ever were.

    I guess there are limits on what you can do to protect yourself with patents. Can’t exactly patent someone from making two versions of a device, one plastic, and one metal. The only drawback to their strategies is, they’re perpetually always one year behind Apple in incorporating Apple’s features and innovations. Seems like they’re fine with that.

    I guess the money they don’t have to spend and waste on R&D is paying off much better than trying to come up with their own ideas. And if they do infringe on a patent, just tie it up in court until it becomes a mute point.

    That is one heck of a strategy. I’m not sure I like it, not sure I like it at all. They’re scum!

  5. Samsung’s destiny is to forever be an also-ran. Their inability to innovate reflects the culture of the company and the Korean nation, where principles and ethics have never been given much thought.

    The Apple steamroller is driven by values: Be the best. Be the most ethical. Be the leading light of the technology world.

    Apple’s values and behaviour are more aligned with the values of the light – the best values of human behaviour. Samsung, instead, chooses darkness.

    In the battle of light against dark, the light will always prevail in the end.

    1. “the Korean nation…’ Why go there and merely look foolish? And do you really want others to equate American principles and ethics with SAC Capital, Goldman Sachs, and Enron? !

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