Apple’s forthcoming iOS 7 update may allow deletion of over-the-air iOS installation files

“If the third beta of iOS 7.1 serves as any proof, Apple is at last allowing users to delete the installation files up for upgrades to the operating system that automatically start downloading when the device is connected to AC power,” Leif Johnson reports for Mac|Life.

“As reported by German site (via MacRumors), users who don’t want to install the updates will soon be able to delete the installation files to free up room on their iDevices,” Johnson reports. “There’s always, of course, the possibility that we won’t even see this feature. If you happen to be using a device that’s running the third iOS 7 beta, however (and you haven’t installed the latest update), you can apparently find the feature ‘the Settings menu, under General –> Usage, where it can be removed like any other app or file. The file can be deleted if it was downloaded over-the-air in the background or manually.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I wish I could permanently delete Apps totally, even the Games, etc. Apps. Seems if you EVER download an App, it stays on your iCloud account.

    Speaking of iCloud account, Apple, why can’t we log onto iCloud using iPad, iPhone?

      1. The truth has been spoken. Apple has buttoned down iOS way too tightly. I think a lot of people assumed that Apple would gradually find ways to give the user more control, but it hasn’t happened. That may explain a lot of the criticism of iOS7 — it didn’t deliver the user options that people really want.

    1. Go to

      iTunes->>Select “Apps” (in left corner of window)

      Delete the App you want by “right click”->>delete

      NOW the App only shows up in “Apples’ ” iCloud (Note:Not your iCloud account) as something you purchased in the past and can be re-downloaded for free again. Imagine if was NOT available to re-download (from Apples’ iCloud) for free…’d be kicking and screaming that Apple dinged you…or something.

    1. You can delete apps from the iTunes library. That’s what I do for unwanted apps.

      Go to iTunes when you have your device plugged in, delete it from the device (or do it by hand on the device itself), and then delete it from your iTunes library by selecting the app (clicking on it) and pressing Command+Delete, then select remove from iTunes library when the dialogue box pops up, to send the app to trash.

      That should ensure permanent deletion.

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