Samsung races against rumors of an Apple ‘iPad Pro’ with two new 12-inch Android tablets

“South Korean electronics giant Samsung on Monday fired a preemptive shot across the bow of Apple’s widely-rumored, yet still unannounced, large-screened iPad with the new Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2-inch slates,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider.

“Both tablets sport identical 2560 x 1600 pixel “super clear” displays and share many of the same internal components, with Samsung tapping its own Exynos 5 Octa application processor in the 3G-enabled units and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 for the LTE-provisioned rigs,” Cole reports. “Along with the jumbo-sized display comes a dramatic increase in weight: both models tip the scales at nearly 1.7 pounds in their base configurations, a premium of more than half a pound over Samsung’s smaller tablets.”

“Rather than adapting its TouchWiz user interface customizations for the larger screen real estate, Samsung has instead chosen to develop a new skin it calls Magazine UX, which features multiple tile-based home screens that appear to follow the paradigm established by Microsoft’s Windows 8,” Cole reports. “Magazine UX runs atop version 4.4, or ‘Kit Kat,’ of Google’s Android operating system…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, here’s a great idea: Let’s emulate a UI that nobody’s buying!


    1. The greatest CEO Apple never had should release the hounds of law and set them at Shamedsung for IP theft yet again.
      A parting gift for both M$ and Apple inc.

  1. And why not… it worked so well for them with their “not so smart”-watch.

    I am costantly amazed by the (repeated) incredibly stupid decisions out of companies like MS Adobe and samsung.
    It it self delusion, arrogance or something else entirely.

    1. The joke is that Samsung are not copying Apple’s ideas here, they’re copying the ideas of those who analyse Apple and we all know just how wide of the mark those commentators are. That’s how Samsung ended up humiliating themselves with their StupidWatch, which was a copy of misinformed rumours about a potential Apple device.

      There is no prize for being first to market with a flawed product, the only rewards are for those bringing a successful product to market.

      Some of the hallmarks of a product being successful are that it’s elegantly designed, does a great job of doing what it’s supposed to do, has no major drawbacks or annoyances, does not depend on having a disproportionate marketing budget and there is no need to be deceptive with specifications or benchmarks.

      1. Totally agree, what’s more disgusting is Apple use to have privacy in their product launches leaving other companies playing catch up. These cheap asian companies continue to produce cheap plastic crap empowering the ever so pathetic Android os, and now Samsung has launched a beautiful 12 inch tablet but with Android, a complete joke.

  2. Copying imaginary Apple products actually demonstrates some actual imagination. First with “iWatch” and now with “iPad Pro.”

    For Samsung, I suppose that’s an improvement. 🙂

  3. Apple should refrain from adding yet another model to its lineup.
    Remember the Performa days?
    Having too many models just confuses the consumer.

    The current differentiation in memory size / wifi-cellular is already more than enough. Even if the iPad proper would be discontinued, the previos models may still remain on offer to provide lower price points.

    Time for Apple to simplify their product lines.

    Let the likes of Samsung and Nokia come out with even more models. I like that a lot.

  4. I have an iPad, use it daily. Moreover, I have not a single Samsung product in our personal household.

    That doesn’t mean, however, that brand fervor on display here speaks well of Apple. Such hubris that you all display is a sign of losing touch. Apple would be better off respecting its competition and humbly go to work to create a more valuable, reliable, useful, USER-FRIENDLY device. I stress the user-friendliness because frankly, apple isn’t progressing on that front very well. Both iOS and Mavericks took some steps back in that regard, as have many of its applications in the last few years. Don’t even get me started about iAds, the most repulsive Apple development ever.

    Today the echo chamber here, as usual, overwhelmingly uses no such discretion. MDN marches out the click bait, douses the floor with haterade, and the peanut gallery comes down on cue to lap it up. Not one of you has touched it, but you’ve already judged it — all you needed to read was the key word “Samsung”.

    If last year Apple lost a prototype 12″ tablet running iOS7, and a trickster let the prototype out in the wild without an Apple symbol on it, you would all be tripping over yourselves heaping scorn on an “Apple knockoff”. Your brand worship, as voiced here, is overwhelmingly free of objective assessment and valid comparison. That’s religion of the worst kind, friends.

    Many of you have accused me of “hating Apple”. Nope, I’m a realist.

    Allow me to invite you to a dose of reality:
    – Apple’s ultraportables have one substantial advantage: the chipset. That chipset comes at a relatively premium price that not all buyers feel the necessity to purchase. All the various flavors of Android have their issues, but when one fundamentally compares UNIT FUNCTION, iOS7 doesn’t blow away Android anymore. It only wins in security, which is irrelevant for people who use tablets for media consumption and games — which describes the overwhelming majority of tablet users.
    – Apple’s App store remains a money-printer, but it no longer has more than a few must-have exclusive titles. Like Android always has been, the vast majority of iOS apps are now useless time wasters, data mining apps, free ad-pushers, or “in-app” stores attempting to elicit more money from users. You can’t say iOS apps are superior than Android apps — they overwhelmingly come from the same developers. Were Apple devices truly better for all people, price no object, then why the large popularity of jailbreaking?
    – Apple tends to have an advantages in build & material selection, but its lead there is neither consistent nor substantial. Apple even sells overpriced plastic socks & cases to hide your device, further undermining any FoxConn assembly superiority.
    – Apple has never been ahead of the curve in user customization in iOS — it’s always been WAY too locked down compared to the Mac. iOS7 made this sore point more obvious than ever. Apple doesn’t let users have a proper Finder, truly multi-task effectively, or even choose simple colors and fonts to their liking. One can tolerate this for a while, but at some point, you have to ask yourself, what’s taking Apple so long to get it right??? How is this “better”?
    – Hardware options for some Apple products are fantastic. Mac laptops and iPods come in a nice array of price points and sizes. But the iPad and iPhone continue to lag, which left the door wide open for all the competitors. Now these competitors don’t just offer cheaper options, they also offer bigger and sharper displays too, smaller and sleeker but still high quality entry-level devices. Funny, but Sammy still makes all kinds of guts for Apple too.
    – Quite simply, Apple is but one selection amongst a sea of other options. Its clear superiority in iPad capability and value has been reduced as competitors continue outpacing Apple at deploying different devices for the different needs of consumers, in countries where Apple doesn’t effectively distribute, and at aggressive prices that, yes, fosters a young generation to adopt another platform instead of Apple.

    The more you guys piss on the competition, the more you lose sight of the fact that you really don’t know the competition at all. Religious cult indeed.

    Apple gets things right more often than most companies, but that doesn’t mean that every other company on the planet is wrong. Samsung’s ability to get a larger-screened tablet out of the gate before Apple isn’t a surprise. Fact is, in the last few years, Samsung has been first-to-market in many things, in many product categories, and in hundreds of markets where Apple doesn’t even compete. Apple, supposedly with more innovation, more resources, a superior vision, the best engineers, and superior management — are SLOWER. Slinging insults at Samsung doesn’t change that, it only displays your immaturity.

    1. There’s Mike in his filthy, tattered robe, standing on his preaching rock in a clearing at the edge of the village, his matted, overgrown hair and beard stiffly jerking in the dusty gusts seemingly punctuating his bursts of outrage, those being unheeded but as a metronome pacing the villagers going about their daily tasks. Heaven awaits thee!

    2. Several good points there, Mike.
      – I used to be a pretty big fan of Apple since 1995, but that changed when I got harassed and kicked out of a manager position at an Apple Store three years ago for being to customer friendly (long story).
      I am not hater, far from it, and continue to use Macs & iOS devices but feel more and more uncomfortable to paying the premiums apple is asking. Am currentyl configuring a hackintosh with a 27″ NEC display that can do 90% of what a Mac can do at 50% the cost.
      A Sandisk Extreme 32GB SD card costs less than $30, with individual distribution, retail packaging, shipping and so forth. – I bet Apple pays less than a $10 for 32GB – yet they charge
      $100 for 16GB to go from the base iPhone 5C model to the medium one – because they can.
      Fair enough, but I simply cannot justify paying that anymore.

      – For training, back then, I was at 1 Infinite Loop, for a week, and it was really eye-opening how different a beast Apple inc is from Apple Retail inc (a wholly owned subsidiary of the former).
      Apple Retail inc. is just the typical retail environment, asking employees to give superior service and provide superior expertise but hardly paying a dime more than walmart or bestbuy.

      with regard to your other points:
      Apple’s ultraportables have one substantial advantage:
      -> true for MacBook Air, not for iPhone – its shame they sacrifice functionality (whole day battery life) for looks (3mm and 10grs is probably all it takes to get a decent sized battery in the iPhone)

      Apple’s App store remains a money-printer
      -> who cares, it´s about convenience an lock-in

      Apple tends to have an advantages in build & material selection
      -> android phones with a plastic back are just shitty, but the iPhone 5C – marvelous! (I´m kidding, obviously)

      Apple has never been ahead of the curve in user customization
      -> nor will they ever be. That´s the Apple way. – If Mac OS X goes even further the way of iOS, I´ll probably leave Mac OS, I don´t care. Nor will Apple, nor will the die-hards here in this forum.

      Hardware options for some Apple products are fantastic
      -> Again, Apple is mostly concerned with a healthy profit and an image of superior products. – Especially with the tight integration of HW & SW, that should continue to be the case for the forseeable future.

      a) Quite simply, Apple is but one selection amongst a sea of other options.
      b) Your brand worship, as voiced here, is overwhelmingly free of objective assessment and valid comparison. That’s religion of the worst kind, friends.
      –>> EXACTLY. To each his own. – The situation is not much different on the Android forums, too. – If anything, in the last couple of years I have become more brand-agnostic. I do look for whats best for me (as Apple does look for whats best for itself, etc etc) so I choose depending on what solves my needs best.

      OTOH people want to belong. – As church usually means less and less moral authority, they turn to other authorities… – to each his own.

  5. @Mike

    brand fervor
    Such hubris
    you all display
    no such discretion
    peanut gallery
    you would all
    brand worship
    free of objective assessment
    Allow me to invite you to a dose of reality
    you really don’t know the competition at all
    Religious cult indeed
    only displays your immaturity

    I think your string of bombastic pontificating and absolutist statements (“you all display”) says far more about you than about many of the people here.

    “Allow me to invite you to a dose of reality”

    It’s so wonderful to have a few people on here of such superior intelligence, insight and discrimination — possessors of ultimate truth which you are so kind to share with us.

    1. Perhaps you missed the brilliant insights displayed by the usual fanboys:

      breeze: “chicken with no head”
      jubei: “touch and whiz”
      crabapple: “Shamedsung”
      tessellator: “‘not so smart’ watch”; “incredibly stupid decisions”
      gollum: “Compaq Microsoft tablets from 2003”
      tz: “iCondom”
      sjbmusic: “SameSong”
      russ: “iToilet Punger”
      jubei again: “blah blah blah…”

      So you’re defending that rabble, John?

      I stand by everything I wrote, even the word “all”. Not one post above mine showed a shred of objective, non-politicized, serious thought. How disappointing you can’t recognize the pathetically juvenile level so many people on these forums have sunk to. Damn right I’m displaying superior intelligence, insight, and discrimination on these forums. I level appropriate criticism to ALL companies using objectivity, not brand worship.

      If you disagree, you really need to petition Tim Cook. He’s Samsung’s #1 customer, after all.

  6. I think we need to start a rumor that Apple is going to push out a 27″ iPad…. just to get samsung to push out and waste money. It’s pretty obvious they are doing this after every rumor that comes about with Apple.

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