Apple has never started out a trading year down two days in a row: Today to break the streak?

“Since Christmas Eve, shares of Apple have been looking pretty ugly and I’m not quite sure what to make of it,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet. “Maybe there is concern over the company’s deal with China Mobile (though I’m not 100% sure why there would be concern), or perhaps some concern about the upcoming quarterly results, but Apple didn’t participate in the year-end Santa Claus rally.”

“Even though 2014 is just two trading days old, the trend has continued, with more red for the Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple,” Ciaccia reports. “According to Bespoke Investment Group, Apple has never started out a trading year down two days in a row. This might break that streak, with shares off 1.4% to $545.54.”

Read more, and see the chart, in the full article here.

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  1. Smells like manipulation. What I call trickle selling.

    Very low volume trading so it’s not reflective of widespread sentiment…someone with a large position can afford this trickle selling to create an illusion of sentiment which would drive the shares down low enough to be able to gain big from buying again lower…

    Someone like Icahn ???? Who has tons of shares who realizes he’s going to lose the Apple shareholder vote…and is determined get his profit one way or another…?

    1. This has always been the MO of well-funded players: net a wide range of smaller retail players/traders after they’re all-in with margin on a sure-thing (in this case the China Mobile news) by catching them flat-footed then sucking them into quick-sand. This serves two purposes: 1) gives them a tidy, quick short profit 2) sets them up with cheaper shares when the margin calls hit the airwaves for the small retail players. I always wonder if the retail brokerages sell info on their clients positions as this move is uncanny in its consistency, especially when it comes to AAPL.

  2. Manipulation to the core. There is no reason for Apple to be down this much period. Anal-ist off on there stupid fairy tale doom and gloom expectations again. All of which has never happened by the way. They keep pounding doom and gloom and Apple keeps profiting more and more.

    1. someone with a large position, simeone who will gan or stop losses by manipulating…

      Any way you look at it – Manipulation. Only way to beat it is to buy low and stay long.

  3. Stock trading is so irrational. It’s no different than playing roulette.

    What? The most profitable smartphone in the world—mind you, the one that dominated Christmas and Black Friday—just got exposed to 700 million additional buyers?


    At least roulette comes with free drinks at most casinos.

    1. That is an overly pessimistic statement. It is also untrue. If you put your money in the stock market and leave it invested for a long period (10+ years), you will come out ahead in virtually any ten-year period, even most of the worst.

      Try that with roulette. You might last ten or twenty minutes.

  4. It does no good to deny that Apple simply has no new product lines to significantly grow the company in a another direction along with their current great products. Nor are they aggressively going after competition. It’s as simple as Wall Street recognizing that and Taking some profits. But denying that new product lines is what Wall Street wants to see is as nuts as denying that competitors have copied and eroded Apples market share of current products. Maybe time to cash out a bit. Btw. I can only respect opinions from those with some significant holdings of aapl and skin in the game.. Sad but true.

    1. There’s no denying that Wall Street wants to see new product lines. Of course, there’s also no denying that Wall Street always knows what’s best for a run-of-the-mill, typical corporation like Apple.


      I love profiting off bears like you, John!

    2. And anyone with skin in the game is used to a lobotomized wall street attitude to Apple along with a waving middle finger.

      Apple marches to it’s own drummer, always has and always will.

      Amazing how people forget that wall street is single handedly responsible for the financial recession and meltdown that is killing America’s fortune. Amazing how anyone can even think of trusting anything out of wall street…

  5. Cerchiamo di non perdere di vista il cash mostruoso nelle casse della Apple. Una domanda: ” con 150 miliardi di dollari quante banche Apple potrebbe comperare ? ” Se oggi dovesse venire in Italia a fare acquisti comprerebbe un quarto del paese.

    1. You know, you really show your samsung mentaility in such an obviius way…only someone from Samsung would spend so much time on an Apple forum immersed in so much infantile negative Apple spin. Only someone with a Samscum head would take as much joy out of that kind of negativity.

      Up yours you asshole troll, you’ ain’t going nowhere!!! Apple’s doing better than ever.

  6. “Since Christmas Eve, shares of Apple (AAPL) have been looking pretty ugly and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.”

    A clueless journalist, oh wait, that’s an oxymoron, I better read on.

    “If anyone has any ideas on why the stock has been declining, I’m all ears.”

    A clueless journalist feeling left out of the loop? Looking for ideas? Maybe actually doing research?

    Did Apple release the iIntegrity device early?
    I betcha someone had a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past present and future.

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