Gorgeous photos of Apple’s amazing new Mac Pro

“Apple’s long-awaited Mac Pro is here. Well, almost. It became available to order yesterday, but it’s not shipping until January,” Neil Bennett writes for Digital Arts. “We’ve managed to obtain a review sample of a very high-end configuration that would set you back almost five and a half grand (£5,482.50 plus VAT to be precise) and we’re currently putting it through its paces.”

“We should be publishing our first-look review with benchmarks later this afternoon – but before that check out these shots from our exclusive photoshoot,” Bennett writes. “The metallic Mac Pro is more like the Space Grey iPhone than the black plastic look of Apple’s own press shots – and it’s near impossible to keep fingerprint marks off.”

See the gorgeous photos here.


  1. “it’s near impossible to keep fingerprint marks off.”

    More form over function from Ive and Company. Without Jobs as an editor he is just another stylist.

    1. The rubbish stylist Ive designing a rubbish bin computer. Who would have thought? Ive is out of his depth here. And Cook is a mediocre manager of talent who cannot control Ive’s more extreme excesses.

      1. And Ivan The Terrible is a total tech hack who doesn’t understand excellence when he sees it. Go back to your PCrap where you belong. Your appreciation of tech is only when mediocrity is at it’s highest level. Nobody on this site gives a damn what the disingenuously clueless like Ivan The Turdbrain trolls think.

          1. Actually, you are wrong. While it din’t collect fingerprints as such, like most matte finishes it looked “smudgy” if you handled it after it was wiped down. Thankfully there was not much need to constantly handle a workstation. Black is a difficult color to keep clean, whether matte or gloss finish (as anyone with a black car or one with matte black trim or accents can tell you)

            The same could be said however about the new mac pro, you aren’t going to constantly handle it.

            Darwin evolved & ivan the horrible, you two are just fcsking idiots. If you don’t have anything intelligent to say it is far better thing to remain mute and possibly appear stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  2. Let’s ask reviewers to add “fingerprint magnet” to their criteria when judging any computer and also give that criteria a 90% weight because it is so critical for the performance and usefulness of the machine.

  3. So it collects fingerprints. Big deal. Exactly how often is a computer like this going to be touched, once fully configured and set up in a work-space?
    Darwin is an ignorant little prick, (heavy emphasis on the ‘little’), who wouldn’t understand style, or design, if it bit his miserable little ass.

  4. What happened to the design ethos at Apple? They’ve got a mobile OS that looks like it belongs on a Fisher Price toy and a computer that looks like a trash can…WTF???

      1. the neon lights would have to flash every time the CPU was overloaded, and make lots of screaming noises when the RAM was swapped, just to add to the gaming experience, since Jdub is obvioulsy a pimpled faced kid in his mothers basement…..

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