Apple will be forced to change iPhone as Europe adopts common battery charger or something

“Apple will be forced to fall in line with all the other smartphone manufacturers and provide a standard battery charger on its iPhone,” David Gilbert reports for IB Times.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple won’t be forced to to anything.

“Currently Apple uses proprietary ports on its iPhones for transferring data and charging the battery of its iPhone but following the agreement of a provisional deal by EU on Thursday, it will be forced to change its stance as soon as 2017,” Gilbert reports. “EU lawmakers agreed to the draft deal which states that all mobile phone manufacturers will need to sign up to a common standard for battery chargers which can fit any device, including smartphones.”

“The draft EU legislation could be voted on by the EU parliament as soon as March 2014, and if it passes this stage each member country will be given two years to transpose the legislation into national law, with manufacturers like Apple and Samsung given a further year to implement the changes, meaning 2017 is the earliest we will see the changes come into effect,” Gilbert reports. “The mobile phone market is obviously a global one, so the impact of any changes made in the EU will have much wider reaching effects, as manufacturers will be reticent to produce different versions of their phones for different markets.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If, big IF (getting each member country to agree on anything can be like herding cats) it comes to it, Apple will simply slap an adapter in every box starting in 2017, if Apple devices still even require a wired charger by then.

There are too many advantages to controlling the primary connector tech – from the device design to accessory sales – that there’s no way Apple will relinquish it.

The iPhone 5/5c/5s would not exist as is without the Lightning Connector. Note to EU Lawmakers (not that they’ll listen): Having a common battery charger is not worth the loss of innovation that will result.

Let the rest of the device assemblers handicap themselves with some government-mandated lowest common denominator port, stuck with a certain size and shape for many years, long after better, smaller, faster ways have been invented. That mindset is anathema to Apple and any other true innovator.


  1. “Having a common battery charger is not worth the loss of innovation that will result.”

    If anyone can still innovate using a standard interface Apple can. I call bullshit.

  2. Apple should ignore this silly directive for a common standard. Apple should set up its own mobile service and use the most innovative chips and buy the most efficient part of the radio spectrum to give its customers the optimum cell phone experience. No more dropouts or congestion!

  3. Apple already comply with this directive. It doesn’t matter a damn what the phone connector is, so long as the opposite end is a USB connector, able to fit a standard USB port. This already happens, and the writer of this article is either stupid, ignorant, or is a troll starting up anti-Apple FUD.
    I have halv-a-dozen different chargers, plus a couple of large batteries, plus my car head-unit, all of which can charge my phone, pad, external mini speakers, and anything else that uses USB to charge up.
    Apple signed up to the EU proposal on common battery chargers several years ago, so comply.
    For those who are particularly slow at comprehension, I’ll say it again;
    Got that?

    1. No. The other end doesn’t matter. What matters is what goes into the phone, and increasing numbers of non-Apple phones are now using a micro-USB port, while Apple is using proprietary Lightning port. EU doesn’t really care that you can take that lightning cable and plug it into any USB brick/cube/power adapter. You still need a proprietary cable for your Apple devices, instead of a common single wire to charge everything.

      So Apple does NOT comply, and likely has no intention of complying with that common charger directive as it is imagined right now.

  4. I am in favor of this move, as it will be very ‘green’ in the long run. After a few years, manufacturers will no longer include a charger with every phone, as everyone will already have one at home from their previous phone. This will eliminate millions of chargers being thrown away annually, as well as lower costs.

    I hope they do implement two ports, one for phones and other small devices (iPod or Google glasses for example) and a different port for larger devices (Pads, laptops, etc.)

    It is not going to be a ‘government designed’ port, as some have said. READ the article-it will be an industry designed port. Second, it will be a charging port, nothing about it says data transfer port as well. Apple can continue using a Lightning port that can transfer data as well as charge, as long as they install a second charge-only port, which is likely to be a micro-USB port.

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