Anybody else want an Apple ‘iServe home’ server with iBeacon accessories?

“Apple has started iBeacon activations at 254 U.S. Apple retail stores. However, I’m looking forward to seeing it used in the home,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple Daily Report.

“If Apple released the iServe home server I’ve long wanted, it would be a perfect match for iBeacon services,” Sellers writes. “It could be used for things such as: unlocking the front door as you approach; turning lights on/off as you enter/leave rooms; waking up Macs as you approach them; controlling a/c and heat for rooms that we’re in; and providing specific location based reminders or notifications.”

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    1. Your reply is evidence of Apple’s failure to convey the vision they have many of their products. The big story is shopping promos because this is the most easily monetized. But the sky it the limit. Andy Inahtko made a pretty good argument that a combination of LPBT + NFC might be beneficial for seamless operation. I can’t remember the fine points here, but recall that his arguments made sense at the time.

  1. I wouldn’t particularly want to grow that dependent upon technology to have all those things done for me. The human brain needs to be kept active by performing actions. Well, at least my mind does. I honestly don’t need all those sorts of actions automated. I’m not an impulse shopper so I definitely don’t want some iBeacon pushing ads to me.

  2. I think it’s great. Fancy new lock. Two hours to set up. To save me two seconds in unlocking the front door. Fantastic. And the hassle of touching the keyboard to wake my computer up – sheesh! Can’t wait.

  3. I’ve been looking for a wireless router with a GPS chip to self-locate and iBeacon to provide highly accurate location information in the home. Other devices could use a combination of Bluetooth LE or WiFi for intercommunication, depending on power and bandwidth needs.

  4. Count me out! Apple’s Mavericks server is a mess!! The home server will come with so many restrictions and Apple Tie In’s as to be almost useless for non-Apple products.

    Indigo, from Perceptive Automation is the way to go.

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