Samsung hires Apple Retail Store designer

“It may have lost the latest court decision, but Samsung Electronics scored a personnel victory over Apple this month by hiring away a senior store designer,” Daisuke Wakabayashi reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Samsung said Tim Gudgel, who has played a role in designing Apple’s stylish retail outlets, joined the company this month as a vice president and general manager of retail-sales operations,” Wakabayashi reports. “According to his LinkedIn page, Gudgel had worked as a director at Apple since March 2008. Before that, he spent six years at Gehry Partners, founded by legendary architect Frank Gehry. Among Gudgel’s accomplishments at Apple, he was a designer on a patent filing for the curved glass roof of the Apple store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever. It’s not like Samdung poached Bob Bridger.


      1. Apple hired Burrberry’s CEO… People forget that Jobs also played a role in the Apple Store experience we see today.

        Tim Cook knows who to surround him talent-wise on the board/VPs. Eddie Cue negotiates similarly to Jobs, Ives designs, Phil markets(altho I can see Angela take his job one day too), etc. Cook is the supply/channel guy who shares Jobs passion(albeit it internally) for making the best products.

        Samsung is good at 3 things copying others’ designs but I’ll give them credit for making screens(it took them about a decade for their OLED screen research/investment to reach market) and chips(why Apple and Intel can’t work together confuses me)

  1. “Among Gudgel’s accomplishments at Apple, he was a designer on a patent filing for the curved glass roof of the Apple store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.”

    Wow, along those credentials I’m sure Samsung’s retail-sales operations are sure to take off, maybe even catch up to those Microsoft stores. Betcha the stores have curved glass somewhere too.

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth.

      I bet this guy is way richer than I am but I would never work for Samdung for any amount. I might consider taking their money and produce a really awful design…of the trojan kind….and make them wast their money.

  2. No one with any talent can stomach working for the unimaginative and mediocre Cook. Soon Apple will be churning generic rubbish, like the stupid over the top maudlin “Misunderstood” advertisement on TV. It’s stupid, bland and promotes the image that Apple is used by losers.

    Judging from some of the more over the top arse licker fanboi commenters on this site, losers would be putting it mildly.

    1. Extrapolating from your post, it follows that the tens of thousands of Apple employees who have *not* left are devoid of any talent?

      Clueless, anonymous troll. There is neither wit nor substance to your posts. You neither inform, nor entertain. You are null.

      1. You seem to care more about style than substance, as long as it is free of vulgarity.

        Substance is of the highest importance to me. I can do without gratuitous vulgarity, but abolishing it is not the focus of my life.

          1. Quixotic, according to form. You strongly remind me of the George C. Scott character in They Might Be Giants. I’d play the Joanne Woodward character — Doctor Watson to your Sherlock Holmes.

    2. And what exactly are your objective qualifications for making such observations except for being a complete arse, having a piehole to spew from and a total misreader of history and actual facts? Loser describes you much too generously. Slap on your job’s hairnet and get back to work on those dishes!

  3. God I just absolutely hate that company. I swear man – I know it’s a little too much – but my blood curdles at the thought of these low life scumbags with EVERY bit of copying they do.

    I read on a macrumors forum about this and someone else claimed that Dyson is suing Samsung for copying their vacuum.

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