Apple focuses on iTunes Radio with automated in-app ad sales

“Apple leadership has given the iAds team a new mission: always be selling iTunes Radio,” Garett Sloane reports for AdWeek. “And while the sales team is busy pushing Apple radio inventory, the company will build a real-time bidding exchange to automate selling in-app ads, multiple sources said.”

“Indeed, there is a new focus within the company’s advertising unit, and the mantra came direct from Eddy Cue, Apple’s head of software. In a staff meeting before the holidays, Cue indicated that iTunes Radio is the top priority, and app ads are no,” Sloane reports. “‘The message that came across was basically if you’re not working on iTunes Radio, you’re irrelevant,’ an Apple insider said.”

Sloane reports, “It’s not clear whether the new Apple exchange will be limited to mobile, because it could sell real-time iAds across devices — or even through Apple TV, the insider said.”

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  1. iTunes radio sucks like a Dyson- a brand new Dyson.

    I do not know who categorizes music at Apple or for Apple, but the algorithms they are using to program from a user submitted playlist are way out in left field.

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