1. i have a good friend who lives inside her Facebook account and ……the stuff she posts is THE MOST BANAL COMMENTARY IMAGINABLE cuz it’s become her life and her life has become banal. it’s an ugly way to live a life.

  2. Maybe it is generational, but this early adopter never saw the value in FarceBook. I did see the potential for abuse and stayed clear.

    I am so tired of corporate America’s endless pimping of FarceBook to whatever end they see fit. I male it a point to email those of interest back to inform them that I would sooner lick a public toilet bowl than join FarceBook.

    BTW- in privacy world the NSA is starting to crack. A senior NSA official is publicly floating the idea of a blanket pardon of Ed Snowden in exchange for a full survey of what materials were taken and released.
    Flash-Judge rules NSA collection probably unconstitutional.

  3. There are two types of people on Facebook…

    1) People who know they’re on Facebook
    2) People who don’t know they’re on Facebook

    The point being that many (in reality not all) people have friends who are on Facebook who are posting pictures and other information about them.

    My advice to people who want to protect their privacy is to develop an online persona that represents who they want to be. Get ahead of it.

    Many employers today do online and social media searches of all applicants. You can score positive, negative or inconclusive. For many, being inconclusive is worse than a slightly negative score.

    All of this doesn’t mean you have to publish everything, but it’s something to consider in terms of putting out just some basic information about yourself, connecting with a few good people, and creating enough of a persona that someone searching doesn’t dive into deeper things that may reveal some things you don’t want revealed.

    Case in point… A few of my friends were trying to find a person from high school. I knew he had become a pilot at one point and there’s a public registry of pilots. So after no other online or social media search revealed anything about him, I searched the pilot database only to find that he’d been suspended (and then later the details of the suspension).

  4. We need to be talking about ways to use Facebook not deleting ourselves. Way too impractical for people who want to be in touch with others in the way they want to interact.

  5. What pisses me off about facebook (among other things) is that businesses and corporations are on facebook. I’m sorry but F-off, it should be for people only. Every time I hear or read “visit us on facebook” from some company I cringe. Companies shouldn’t have goddamn facebook pages. That is what a website is for !!
    I hate facebook. I never joined (except as a false alias but that’s another story) and I never will.
    Now when companies make you use their facebook page to interact with them I just get pissed. My local newspaper website, when reacting to stories they recently changed from a standard message forum where anyone can post to using “facebook comments”, where of course you need to be a FB member. F _OFF !!

  6. google+ combined with realtime tracking of android phones gives the NSA instant access to terabytes of useful data on virtually every IT doofus in your locality. And unlike Facebook, you can’t delete a google+ account ever.

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