iPads could replace UK’s NHS written patient monitoring charts

“Handwritten medical observation charts could become a thing of the past in UK hospitals with the development of an iPad-based patient monitoring system,” Antony Savvas reports for Computerworld UK.

“Developed in Oxford hospitals, the iPad-based early-warning system, developed with EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) funding, is one of the projects funded by the £260 million ‘Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards’ NHS Technology Fund to improve patient safety,” Savvas reports. “The £1.1 million Oxford funding will allow the team of biomedical engineers and clinicians from the University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Trust to roll out the system across all adult wards in the trust’s acute hospitals.”

Savvas reports, “The new approach uses the tablet technology both to record and to evaluate patients’ vital signs. It will help alert medical staff to patient deterioration on the wards more reliably. Just as now, nurses will regularly take readings of a patient’s vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure. But instead of writing the information on an observation chart, they will input it into an iPad…”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


    1. Our excellent socialist NHS isn’t spending £260million on this single study. What broken individualist system let you down? Did your private optometrist sell you the wrong prescribed reading glasses? Or did your school system not teach you how to read?


    2. BLN proves yet again what an asshole he really is. The whole fund is £260 million, this project is funded from it to the value of £1.1million. You really ought to get a better optometrist, shithead. There’s nothing wrong with socialist principles, either; only an American could find fault with a health service that is open to all, and free to all.
      I guess BLN would rather put a sick relative out for the vultures and coyote to finish off, rather than let the state pick up the tab, if he can’t afford private health insurance.
      And we tax payers pay for it; it’s a thing called NI, National Insurance, not so different to private health insurance, except a sick person avoids the embarrassment of having to offer a credit card before a hospital lets them through the doors.

      1. “Free healthcare?” Riiiiiight!

        So then…

        The doctors work for free?

        The nurses work for free?

        The physician’s assistants work for free?

        The nurse practitioner’s work for free?

        The physical therapists work for free?

        The doctor’s staff, office, equipment and overhead is free?

        The hospital staff, offices, rooms, beds, equipment and overhead is free?

        Those who research to produce medicine and medical technology work for free?

        Those who manufacture the medicine and medical technology work for free?

        Businesses who contract with the doctors offices, clinics, and hospitals, providing goods and services to them, do it for free?

        Lots of free stuff there. How did you manage it? And why don’t you apply those same techniques to everything else? Why hold out? If you can do something like that for something as complex as healthcare, why not for food, clothing, housing, and everything else? Free stuff all around, as long as your Magic Free Machine™ is in good working order.

        1. You got us there! How clever of you!

          It is “FREE” if you cannot afford it. If your income is so low not only is your medicine “FREE” but we also allow you to eat for “FREE”. And thats not all folks…we also put a roof over your head….all for FREE.

          Those that pay tax pay no more than 40% ish. Might be around 45% max but definitely not more than 50%. And that’s just for the very rich. On average you might pay 35% tax.

          The FACT is NO-ONE will need to sell their house and get a mortgage to pay for a years supply of pills. I think in the US you will have to become destitute to survive a serious illness.

          In the US the doctors and nurses get paid only if you are sick.

          In England, France, Denmark…etc, the Doctors and Nurses get paid even even when you are healthy. Just think about that for a minute.

          1. Paul,

            I don’t know where you’re getting your information on healthcare in the United States, but you are really really full of it.

            For example, you write:

            “The FACT is NO-ONE will need to sell their house and get a mortgage to pay for a years supply of pills.”

            You pulled that right out of your socialist scum ass, didn’t you.

            And by the way, the quality of healthcare in the United States is of a decidedly higher caliber than anywhere else in the world, and access to the most advanced medical treatments and diagnostics are much more readily available here than anywhere else.

            Canadians come down here all the time to get things done they cannot wait to get done in their socialized system.

            Foreigners come here to get procedures performed that are unavailable anywhere else in the world.

            Our waiting times are also shorter.

            Even illegals get healthcare here, so you really ought to stop talking out of your socialist scum ass.

            Seriously, you’re full of it. Socialist scum make me want to puke. You’re a gutless liar. Enjoy your subpar care. We’ll be joining you soon, now that we have Obamacare.

            1. I lived in the US. Healthcare was abysmal. The first thing I appreciated anew when I got out of the US was healthcare.

              Why is US number 39(ish) in mortality rate? If it’s the best in the world as you say, why are they not top in every statistic. Why is NO ONE rushing to copy US healthcare? How come Cuba can keep Castro free from cancer and have better mortality rate than US?

            2. I think we both know that you’re lying. Calling U.S. healthcare “abysmal” is a real tipoff.

              The quality of U.S. healthcare is superior.

              And the fact that you’re comparing mortality rates with quality of healthcare is asinine.

              First of all, the U.S., unlike other countries, begins counting it’s mortality rate from the time of birth. Other countries start counting at points after the birth. Many don’t start counting until the infant has survived their entrée first year.

              In other words, you’re comparing apples to turnips.

              Second off, those who drag down our mortality rates are all the backward 3rd World people we have to put up with because of liberal policy.

              Black people and Mexicans do very poorly in prenatal care, because they simply do not attent to it. It is available to all, but there’s not much you can do about careless, backward, irresponsible people.

              Were to we to transfer enough blacks and Mexicans to any socialized country to reflect the same per capita rate that we have, you would see all sorts of numbers for your averages start to drop.

              The reason no one is rushing to copy U.S. healthcare is because the citizens, like you, are ill-informed with propaganda, and the powers that be want control. They’re socialist scum.

              Why don’t you ask why the U.S.S.R. embraced such a lousy system for nearly a whole century even though it was obvious that it only lead to misery.

              Lastly, the fact that you’re venerating the Cuban medical system is astonishing. Do you honestly think you’re getting anything other than propaganda from that shit hole? How naive are you?

              You simply cannot compare the Cuban system to what, even illegals here, have available to them.

              You’re ill-informed. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Socialists live in a pretend world.

              I’ve known Brits who were over living here for a short spell for work-related reasons, and when they used our medical services they were astonished not only how much better they are, but that their experience did not square up with the propaganda they had been fed.

              In the future, should you wish to lie through your socialist scum mouth, try to restrain yourself.

            3. And you say others listen to propaganda. Fact is your mortality rate is terrible and to try to say this is not linked to healthcare for all is delusional the rich have some of the best healthcare in the world but then that is the same in most developed countries. One thing is certain I don’t think I will take lessons from someone who clearly is so ill educated that they don’t know what Socialism actually means.

            1. “Socialist scum” makes me giggle. Why are the far right in the US so angry and full of hatred? I think I’d rather be socialist scum and happy. Honestly there isn’t even a debate over whether or not everyone should get free health care at the point of need, even the right wing nutters don’t want a US style system. I guess we just live in a more mature and well educated society.

            2. Socialist scum make me want to puke.

              If you’re socialist scum, then you don’t love liberty.

              Honestly, there IS a debate over whether some of us should have to constantly be robbed of our productivity, and you don’t get to shut it down just by presumptuously declaring that “there is no debate.”

              You live in a dying society, and since you do not understand human dynamics and even basic economics, then you should not fancy yourself as being “mature and well educated.”

              You’d rather be “socialist and happy.” Good for you! I’d rather have liberty and be happy. You look to the nanny state because you’re a loser. I reject the nanny state because I do not want to be controlled and I can take care of myself.

            3. Can you please explain to me how liberty is protected by charging people for health care? Let me take a wild guess that you’re an overweight white heterosexual male. Your taxes are paying to educate other peoples kids and to build roads for other people to drive on. That must really offend you. I mean it’s an attack on your ”liberty’ surely? Go eat another hamburger, watch some sports, best your wife and kiss your gun goodnight, fat yank x

            4. You seem to be presumptuous. Why do I seem to hate everything? Why? Tell me!

              Have I criticized everything? Well, no.

              Have I criticized things and people you would rather me not criticize? Yes!

              And therein lies to problem. You’re a godless lefty, so in your self-absorbed world view: How dare I have the unmitigated gall to hold a position not previously approved by you.

              Therefore, in all your insecure neurotic leftwing lunacy, you become hopping mad and say things like, “You seem to hate everything.”

              Moreover, and most importantly, Christ’s basic message was not “love and forgiveness.” It was faith and repentance.

            5. Read the actual words he spoke. Read parables and look for the spiritual message behind it. You will find the true message. Your vengeful ways are based on the Old Testament and are a lesson for 6,000 years ago. Look for the good in the world and enjoy what we have.

  1. This is inevitable but they will have to find a way of securing the iPads against both data theft and actual theft .
    At present staff , particularly nurses spend an inordinate amount of time recording notes in longhand which is largely a total waste of a valued resource .
    The hospital I used to work in spent a fortune installing networked PC’s each of which cost about 7 times as much one would pay for it at the local electronics store-the balance being eaten up in service contracts.
    This explains why IT departments love PC’s which functioned at a mere fraction of what they should have .
    A tremendous waste of taxpayer money .

  2. “The £1.1 million Oxford funding will allow the team of biomedical engineers and clinicians from the University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Trust to roll out the system across all adult wards in the trust’s acute hospitals.” Right out of the box with the socialism BS!! The NFL is socialist. US healthcare is a CORPORATION run system. How’s it working?? Right wingers got their wet dream and they don’t even know it because they are racist FuttBuckers who can’t get enough Fox news.

  3. Sounds like a great use of the technology. The fact that the iPads can be used to continually monitor and I presume coordinated from a central location should increase patient safety.

    The kind of innovation that can only happen under an umbrella system like the NHS with a large pool of needs based funding and the economies of scale to diffuse the risk and development costs.

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