European safety watchdog: Apple iPhone, iPad safe to use in-flight

“Using a smartphone or iPad at take-off won’t cause your plane to crash, a European safety watchdog has decided,” Aideen Sheehan reports for The Independent.

“Passengers should be able to use electronic devices at take-off and landing within weeks after the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) decided they did not pose a safety risk,” Sheehan reports. “It will be up to individual airlines to decide whether to implement the guidelines.”

Sheehan reports, “MEP Jim Higgins said the old rules needed updating: ‘Few people really believed that playing music on your phone or iPad was going to cause the plane to crash.'”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Hmmmm,
    A, its not the music playing that can affect aircraft electronics, its call making.

    B, The real reason for not allow music playing and game playing is that during take-offs and landings, the aircraft is most vulnerable and passengers should be most attentive. Should something bad happen they may only have seconds to listen and act. Also, its time to emergency leave the aircraft and everyone wants to bring their toy with them or finish playing their game…
    Just a thought here.

  2. Ever since Mythbusters did their airplane episode, I haven’t worried about electronics bringing down the plane.

    However – I really hope that the airlines keep enforcing the “Airplane mode” rule, as I really DO NOT want to be subjected to some idiot’s loud, and obnoxious phone conversation from take-off to landing.

    Seriously – not being subjected to morons on the phone for an entire flight would be enough of a justification to restrict electronic usage on planes.

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