Why Apple could jump to $700 in 3 months

“Apple finally inked its much-anticipated deal with China Mobile to start offering iPhones on China Mobile’s massive network,” Jim Woods writes for ProfitableTrading.

“The holiday buzz, along with what I suspect is a realization that Wall Street simply became way too bearish on AAPL this summer, was the combination the smart money needed to send the stock breaking out of that $520 trading level and past the $570 mark,” Woods writes. “I suspect that if Apple enjoys strong holiday sales, then its current price will be just a stop along the road back toward the $700 mark.”

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          1. U will know wall shit journal is so bad as no deal is inked but rumor so much as if it were inked .

            But what joke .
            Those who believe wall shit journal then buy aapl , will be brutally killed .

      1. get used to the fact he won’t give it up and stop feeding this troll, i swear some of the raymond bashers are like lemmings, following him over the edge into insanity……

        just let him go and eventually his weak spark will fizzle and he will go to some other playground to make noise

  1. More crap: “Although many Apple watchers had figured out that this was basically a done deal thanks to information discovered on a website owned by a China Mobile subsidiary, which had recently started taking preorders on the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C, confirmation of the news was a welcome development.”

    This is confirmation of a rumor. a China Mobile subsidiary taking preorders? Where is the link please?

    When Apple and/or China Mobile say there is a deal inked, that’s when a deal is ink.

    Until then, it’s still speculation. Certainly they are working on a deal and I think it’s going to be reached, but not 100% certain. These guys are maintaining the low low low standard that news reporting has become.

      1. You got that right, and being a long time Apple supporter and stockholder, I’m kind of glad to see how it performs, the company and the stock. The company is very stable, the stock, well it’s so dynamically alive, even in the post Jobs era, I think it will do well.

    1. The trouble with that Jay is your predecessors, say Zune Thang and peepeePeterson. Sure lots of iCals, but you don’t see Zune Thang or peepeePeterson (who called again and again and again ad nauseum for the demise of Tim Cook).

      So unfortunately you have to bear the brunt that should be directed at them as well.

      I won’t iCal it and it’s pretty simple to see why. From experience one hit posters with the same redundant message just don’t cut it over the long run.

  2. I would say Apple’s share price is holding its own over the last six months compared to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Priceline, etc. but by no means is Apple doing spectacular enough to jump up $100 in three months. I don’t know why no one seems to face the reality that Apple shares are performing no better than most tech stocks and in fact performing worse than many. I think Apple is a fine company but I also think Apple shareholders are being screwed over considering the overall wealth Apple has.

    I’m not telling Apple to throw money away on buybacks but why not some medium-sized acquisitions? I’m not privy to Apple’s future plans so from my point of view it just seems wasteful to hold so much reserve cash in a bank when the money could be put to use for so many other things without Apple being stretched to the financial limit. I’m just looking for the company to diversify itself with less emphasis on hardware. That much seems reasonable to me.

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