Apple will disrupt and destroy when they’re ready

“I’ve had my iPad Air for about two weeks now. And, it reaffirms my suspicion that an Apple HDTV, possibly morphed with a set-top box, will come sooner or later,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“That’s because, now having used the last two iterations of iPad, it’s clear to me that [TheStreet contributor John Martellaro] is correct,” Pendola writes. “Not only can Apple still innovate, it does so on its own timeline. If other companies make it first to market with a product, so be it. None use the same attention to detail or have the level of respect for the consumer that Apple does.”

“The next category Apple sets out to create, kill or reinvent — be it a television set, smartwatch, both or something else — will provide further proof,” Pendola writes. “This product will come in response to the existence of a very real consumer electronic need (or an opportunity Apple shrewdly and respectfully creates), not an answer to what somebody has done or the tech media claims to want.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Martellaro has done the impossible: Knocked some sense into Rocco.

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  1. I’m fairly certain that Apple isn’t being valued for the destruction of anything. As near as I can tell it’s still valued for near zero growth. The companies selling the cheapest products are being declared the big winners in the future. As far as I can tell, almost no one sees Apple as being a disrupter or destructor, especially since the death of Steve Jobs. Currently, the imminent death of Apple perception seems to persist and is possibly stronger than ever.

    In my eyes, Apple makes some of the most amazing products on the planet but all I ever hear from tech pundits and reviewers is that Apple products COST too much. And of course, the ever-present loss of iOS market share to Android.

    1. Add that they keep dumbing down products and software. I hear that all day long. No pro apps. All of adobes products are better on windows. Same with Quickbooks intuit etc. I can Go on. I work with college interns all day and feel the switch BACK to windows after a brief tick towards apple… So the college kids have their android phone which they like. Crappy windows box, But hey, With i7 processors lots of ram and outboard gear. For about $1k. Best programs, cheaper too. And windows is the platform 90% businesses require on resumes. Apple still relying on “cool”. Yup. That cool niche will always be about 10% of the market. Nobody is saying apple is not the best hardware sand OS. But don’t wait around for massive growth. Tim cook will not see apple with 51% plus market share in enterprise in his lifetime. I wish. But tired of waiting.

  2. Is that what Apple did with Apple Maps? Release it on their own time, when the product was ready? With the customer’s needs in mind? That wasn’t a desperate cheap shot at Google? Refusing to allow Google Maps to be the default maps app is Apple doing their users a solid?
    Or the wrap-around external antenna? That idea was fully-baked?
    I suspect you support Apple using cheap 3rd world “sweatshop” labor while collecting profit margins MUCH larger than industry average, and much larger than that of the American built Moto X. That’s really a good thing, no?
    The e-books price fixing conviction was really just a result of Apple looking out for their customer’s best interests?
    Mark my words, you will look back one day and wonder how you let yourself fall in love with a multi-billion dollar corporation as if were a member of your own family. Actually, I would imagine you are more critical of your loved ones than you are of Apple. How embarrassing!

    1. 8 one star votes and not one person who will stand up and defend Apple against my charges. I guess I should have expected as much from MacDailyNews.
      “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” ~Albert Einstein

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