Study: Apple’s iPad Air more popular than iPad (4th generation)

“More than a month after launch, consumers’ adoption of iPad Air continues to outpace the iPad 4 by a wide margin, according to data provided by Fiksu,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“The latest data — updated Friday — shows a wide gap between iPad Air and iPad 4 adoption, according to Fiksu ‘Adoption Trackers,'” Crothers reports. “Fiksu samples millions of so-called app events (launches, purchases, and registrations) every hour from applications that use its SDK (software development kit), then charts the percentage of active iOS tablets on each version at a set date after launch. ‘At 35 days since release, Fiksu is tracking an adoption rate of 3.35 percent for the iPad Air, versus a 1.51 percent rate recorded during the same time interval after the release of the iPad 4,’ Fiksu said in a statement.”

Crothers reports, “Apple shipped 22.9 million iPads in the fourth quarter of last year. A forecast — from KGI Securities — predicts Apple will ship more than 23 million iPads in the fourth quarter of this year. A large number of those — about 10.5 million — are projected to be the iPad Air.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Provided Apple has enough supply, Apple will certainly ship significantly more than 23 million iPads in calendar Q413. This year’s crop of iPads is vastly superior to last year’s.


  1. This really isn’t a fair comparison. The iPad 4 was a rather minor upgrade to the iPad 3 that came out mid-year in the cycle. That said, obviously the iPad Air is going to be more popular, and would’ve still been more popular if the iPad 4 had been a full release.

    1. It’s proof figures can lie, if you have no understanding of the facts behind them. The iPad Air is smaller, lighter and has 4x the processing power of the iPad 4. What’s not to like?

  2. What’s there not to like about the iPad Air. It’s the perfect size and thickness, the 1 lb. weight makes it lighter than anything the competition has going, retina display, A7 processor running at 64 bit, etc. I was sure I was going to get a Mini because I felt the 9.8″ iPad was too heavy at 1.4 lb. to use comfortably for any kind of extensive use.

    Because Apple was able to reduce the weight down so much, I had to have it. I love having the larger screen. Much easier on my old eyes. I bet there were a lot of iPad users who were probably thinking along the same line, but after the redesign in size and weight, they instead opted for the Air like me.

    I don’t see the other makers of tablets competing with it any time soon. And Apple isn’t resting on its laurels either. I believe Apple has something up its sleeve along the lines of an iPad Pro which we can only guess at, at this time. Apple didn’t have to put Air at the end of its new iPad’s name, but it did, why?

    1. It might be one of the greatest devices ever built by Apple or any consumer tech product ever but the industry pundits claim it costs $100 more than it should and most consumers will buy Android tablets instead. If any other company were selling iPad Airs, they could sell double or triple the number of units that Apple sells and they’d dominate the tablet market without question.

      I’m not saying Apple is doing anything wrong. I just know how most companies would take advantage of moving a fantastic product.

      1. Apple IS dominating the tablet market versus any other company, and the notion that another OEM would sell double or triple the number of units with an equivalent product is preposterous..

  3. Some people still believe is the Industrial Revolution period; its just preposterous. Most reasonable people are looking for the best products, that would greatly enhance their productivity and lifestyle and I do not think price of the product is a factor among these customers. My friends HP laptops gives away at about a year where as my MacBook Pro is still rocking 5 years solid. Doing the Math, MacBook Pro 17″ is $400/year: the HP, about $800/year.

    1. My brothers Dell (Dell smells) is under two years old and has issues …. My MacAir from October 2010 – still looks and runs like new ….

      Dell has a couple keys failing and there are small lines in his screen …. The Mac, as mentioned, is nearly perfect and only shows some wear on the space bar …..but that is just wear and if not for the wear, the machine looks and runs like new ….

      And let’s not even talk about the G4 sever we had going over 12 years running FMP Server 3.0 and still was running when we finally upgraded to a Mac mini server …..

  4. maybe ive just been unlucky with mine batch of Ipads, had 2 return 2, latest one is now out a warranty, and wanting to get it repaired (couple of scratches on screen, general slowdown, think the wifi sensor is bit iffy) just wondering if anyone had any recommendations in the UK? Saw do pretty much the lot, but thought see what everyone else done in the past. Thanks

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