Mac Attack: It’s not just iPads and iPhones selling well for Apple this Christmas

“At just 15% of revenue, Apple’s Mac segment doesn’t get as much attention as it used to. Back up even just five years and Macs accounted for nearly half of Apple’s revenue in some quarters,” Daniel Sparks writes for The Motley Fool. “They had a huge influence on Apple’s performance.”

“Since Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, however, Mac sales have declined as a percentage of total sales very rapidly. But that doesn’t mean Apple’s Mac segment isn’t doing well,” Sparks writes. “In fact, its looks like the Mac may outsell every one of its peers this holiday season, according to one study.”

“Apple desktops are the most sought-after desktop computer this holiday season, according to market research firm Parks Associates. This is a first for Apple, according to John Barrett, director of consumer analytics at Parks Associates,” Sparks writes. “But Apple topped more than the desktop category. The brand also ranked No. 1 in “tablets, laptops, smartphones, home networking routers, MP3 players, and streaming media devices (Apple TV),” according to Parks Associates… And this isn’t the only study that points to a solid holiday season for the company: Localytics sales data suggests that Apple devices are selling very well during the holidays.”

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    1. One thing that could help the blip are those trying to procure new hardware before the tax deadline. My 2008 Mac Pro is now long in the tooth – it’s time to drop a little cash!

      Let’s hope we see some TB2 kit along with the new Pro. It sounds like Pegasus will have some high-end storage ready to go, and I’d like to get something small and quiet to host a TB2 SSD RAID.

    1. Ehhhh, it’s just a fad with a niche toy. The smart buyers are picking up a few Macs while waiting for the next version of Android Strawberry Creamsickle to come out. Then they can have a real computer with a keyboard 😉

  1. It’s hard for me to imagine Apple will sell a lot of desktop computers (iMac/Mini/Mac Pro). I’d just think consumer demand would be too low now that so many people are using smartphones and tablets. I hope I’m wrong about that. I still think there will be a lot of Apple laptops being purchased.

    1. … more! It isn’t that hard to imagine Apple continuing to increase it’s market share – even if the total number of units sold does decrease. Just how many desktops constitute “a lot of” may depend on who’s doing the counting.

    2. College students prefer the MacBook Pro over any other laptop. That’s a lot of freshman each year. The Mac is still tops with the creative industry. Add to that the home users who still want and/need a desktop and who prefer a Mac, and you have a pretty good sized clientele. Also, I think there are a lot of users pining for the new Mac Pro. I know several who can’t wait. Apple will be just fine. As for the other PC OEM’s, they’re in more trouble than anyone. All they have is the same old cheap crap.

    3. I think they will sell a lot, it’s just that people’s needs are being met by a wider range of devices. People who need heavy iron will always need heavy iron. Laptops cover a lot of territory that used to be covered by desktops, and tablets are perfect for light users.

      1. Other World Computing sells a nice kit for installing a fusion drive into a Mac mini, using the internal HD, and a SSD. Nice cost effective way to get some kick ass performance with high capacity. I’ve done this for several clients with some pretty impressive results and very satisfied customers.

  2. After suffering with DOS and Windows PCs for a couple decades and then making the switch to Macs five years ago, nothing would give me more pleasure than to see quality Apple products dominate the PC market.

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