Apple: Keep calm and watch others flop

“It continues to amaze me how many people are bearish when it comes to Apple,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “Talking with the bears for just a few minutes will give you the impression that the technology giant is in some sort of trouble. That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“Apple is doing quite well, and the company just needs to continue as is,” Maurer writes. “There are plenty of others around it who continued to flop, and today, I’ll explain why that is beneficial for Apple.”

“Many other tech names are really struggling. Cisco is going to have a really bad fiscal year, and Intel is going to have its third straight disappointing year in 2014. Microsoft’s future is up in the air, depending on who is chosen as the new CEO,” Maurer writes. “Apple provides a decent amount of growth, a dividend, and a huge buyback, all at a reasonable valuation. While competitors continue to struggle, Apple raised guidance last quarter and gave solid guidance. A China Mobile deal is imminent according to one research outlet, which would provide a tremendous lift to Apple shares.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. These articles will continue as long as the Tim Cook era continues. Regardless of all the defenses of his “leadership” and the many tweaks, upgrades, faster, stronger, better and awful new looks of the iOS that Apple rolls out at the regular gatherings of the faithful who sit in the audience and whoop, nothing is going to move AAPL until he’s gone. I’ve been right about this for more than a year and the lemmings who dominate these MDN posts defending the indefensible have been wrong.

    1. No, the stock price will never move until whoever is running Apple gives in to Wall street.

      What I mean by “give in”, whatever demands the idiots desire. They are still pissed that Steve never gave them the time of day and this is now payback time.

      Call this company XYZ, then look at all the numbers for the past 3 years and you would say wow this XYZ company is doing great, why is the stock so low?
      – Google can do no wrong.
      – Amazon can do no wrong.

      Why? They play the game with Wall Street.

      Cook has nothing to do with the price.

    2. Dude, don’t be such an ass. The articles have been going since Steve J was at Apple the 1st time. Even though they reached their very worst in 1996-97, they have NEVER stopped, regardless of who is the CEO. Take your Tim Cook hate to the SameDung/Android forums where someone might give a mangy rats behind.

    3. You and many other atribute Apple’s stagnate stock growth is do to Tim Cook. I’m always curious who you think would be a better CEO than Tim. Please instill your wisdom on us or STFU.

  2. I never could understand the great desire to see Apple fail. Apple has proven itself over and over to be one of the few truly innovative companies. How many companies owe their own success to the inventions and innovations to Apple? Samsung wouldn’t even be a player if not for the blatant stealing and copying of Apple IP and design. Intel would be in much worse dire straights if not for Apple utilizing its chips in its products. Smart phones wouldn’t be that smart if not for the iPhone leading the way and showing how to design and make a true smart phone. The tablet industry wouldn’t exist if not for the iPad.

    Is it jealousy that makes people hate Apple? Is it because Apple doesn’t tow the line and play the same game as everybody else? Is it because Apple believes in quality over quantity? I just don’t get it. All I know is I want the very best, and Apple never disappoints.

    1. It’s because Apple doesn’t play by the normal business rules. They do what they want and don’t give the market any idea what is coming up next.
      Bezos at Amazon is always hype the company and sucking up to the brokers and fund managers. Also he projects Amazon as a growth company so that the market can pump the stock.
      We have to understand that the market operates on uncertainty. Stocks with potential growth prospects can attract investors on the chance of someone getting rich. Brokers bank on this to pump up stocks so they can cash in whenever they need.
      Apple on the other hand is now a good shorting option because it is so reliable but prone to rumors. Unless a new product line is released the market will regard it in the same vein as microsoft.

  3. I am bemused by all the anti-iOS 7 bashing (an offshoot of the anti-gay, anti-liberal,Tim Cook-bashing that goes on—half sponsored by Samsung, no doubt)…

    One would think that the macho-GUI crowd would be demanding skeuomorphic rivets and bullet-damaged rusted iron patterns everywhere.

    But instead they demand Forstall’s leather & linen, gloss, and sunflower Photos icon. LOL.

    iOS 7 is great and if it makes you feel effeminate, well, a smartphone GUI wasn’t really going to hold that back for long anyway, haha

  4. Wall Street is betting on Apple to flop so it’s wise for this Maurer to try to give confidence to sulking shareholders. Just in case he wasn’t keeping track, Cisco, Intel and Microsoft all handily outperformed Apple in share price YTD 2013. Apple had more revenue than the three of them combined but that doesn’t change the fact that Wall Street thinks any of those stocks are a better investment than Apple. Moreover, Cisco and Intel are probably some of the worst tech stocks in terms of value to be found. Apple shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with Intel and Cisco.

    I know I’m not allowed to assign blame to anyone at Apple at the risk of being called an out and out troll, but as a shareholder I’d like to see Apple put some shareholder value into the company instead of this pundit telling me that Apple SHOULD do better than Cisco and Intel. He somehow needs to get that point of value across to the big investors. I’m not talking about share buybacks. I’m talking about real value through additional revenue streams by way of acquisitions unfettered by anything having to do with Android.

    1. Dude, have you seen how much money is rolling in to Apple??

      As I said earlier and “doggonetoo” said, the stock price cannot be influenced at all by what Apple does right now. Apple could release a teleporter that costs $100 and Wall Street would still spin it negative.

      They hate Apple because Steve never engaged them the whole time he ran the company so it’s payback time.

  5. I believe Oscar Wilde once said “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”
    Microsoft has it “Triumph” while apple was sitting doing nothing. Microsoft was never good, they rise up because apple was doing nothing, after Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the fall of microsoft begun. So no matter who gets to be CEO of microsoft, they will keep falling.

  6. How about MDN stop linking to stupid click bait disgusted as financial analysis. I’m sorry but no serious investor is going to sites like Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool and Wall Street Cheat St for their news and investment advice.

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