Disc Drive of Doom: Microsoft’s new Xbox One consoles suffer disc drive problems

“Remember the Red Ring of Death? Now it’s the Disc Drive of Doom as dreaded console issues come back to haunt Microsoft after it has admitted Xbox One owners are experiencing problems with the disc drive,” News.com.au reports.

“The new Xbox One launched only days ago, breaking sales records and shipping over one million units in 24 hours,” News.com.au reports. “But now hundreds of users are complaining of a faulty disc drive that is noisy or cannot even read discs.”

“Reports of the Disc Drive of Doom issue came flooding into games website Kotaku where they received over ‘150 emails from people whose systems were affected,'” News.com.au reports. “With the global launch of PS4 on November 29, this is the last thing Microsoft wants when faced by millions of gamers who are weighing up the difficult decision to buy either an Xbox One or PS4.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Par for the Microsoft course.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “rudi” for the heads up.]

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  1. Another classic rushed product launch from Microsoft!

    It’s the launch of Surface, and the red ring of death all over again.

    I feel sorry for the mugs (customers) who have bought this console. Microsoft can do some good things but they rush the products out to market and don’t care about the details – which is why they fail time and time again.

    I’d get a PS4 if I were you.

  2. This is interesting because the teardowns reveal that the xbone is a hobby kit of bits stuffed in a box – I mean, they just bought off the shelf components, had no interest in design, form or factor and made the box 30% larger – even without attempting to fit an enormous, heavy and hot PSU brick inside the console. So, you get to think that this is just the outcome of M$ nickel and diming over component costs – in a machine that costs $100 more than the competition.
    You might have thought the PS4 custom it Blu Ray drive would have been the riskier strategy, but no, M$ never fail to suprise themselves.

    1. Um, I call BS. They certainly did not hobble together off the shelf components. The part I find suspicious is that PS4 and XBOne have almost identical specs (CPU & GPU technology etc.).

  3. I guess I missed the earlier article that outlined the issues the PS4 launch units were experiencing (bricked, blue light of death, PSN problems). I’m sure that’s just an oversight.

  4. I was ready to pull the trigger on a new XBOX One over the weekend, but without an NHL game, and a good button mashing fighting game I realized I just wouldn’t be playing it very often. I’ll hang on to the 360 for a while longer until the game titles start filling in the areas I like – Hockey, Fighting, Racing, Batman, Halo (though CoD:Ghosts looks awesome).

    Now I’ll wait for the titles to fill out, and the manufacturing issues to be straightened out.

  5. If ‘Doom’ were a color, what color would that be?

    Let’s see, BLUE screen of death.
    RED ring of death
    Disc Drive of Doom (color?)

    ‘The colorful Apple logo was used at the launch of the Apple II and that the colors in the logo were there because of the Apple II’s colorful possibilities. Steve Jobs who came up with the idea with the colors ended up specifying several of the hues.’

    Guess MS will need a new multicolor logo to express product crashes…

  6. If I had the choice it would be a play station hands down! My PS3 one of the older models is still working perfectly. I got my PS3 while others bought the defective X-Box and they had there’s serviced 5 or 6 times.
    Déjà Vu all over again.

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