Apple’s new Pages 5: Why less might actually be more

“Given Microsoft Office’s subscription model with a yearly fee of just under $100 and Page’s new capabilities, Microsoft could have a fight on its hands,” David Sobotta writes for ReadWrite.

“The new Pages is very different from the old version. There were some advanced desktop publishing features that worked very well in the 2009 version of Pages,” Sobotta writes. “While the new Pages 5 will not do everything the old Pages 2009 would do, it is far easier to pick the product up and use it casually. With Pages 5, Apple seems to have hit a sweet spot of ease of use, while still covering basic capabilities for a large number of users. Unfortunately, some missing features might alienate the most faithful and serious Pages users.”

“People with complex business needs might be disappointed with the new Pages. However, those of us who want a simple word processor with a basic set of very powerful tools could end up being Pages fans. Having the ability to access the documents on multiple platforms through a browser is a real win,” Sobotta writes. “I am often a hard-to-please Apple critic, but I like Pages 5. I think most people will. Unfortunately to get Pages to work across as many devices as it does, Apple had to give up some features [initially – MDN Ed.]. I think it was a positive trade off.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Stop the madness, less is not more! Less certainly can be better, but not more. When you have less of something you do not have more of it. Saying less is more sounds so very stupid, and folks continue to follow along saying the same thing.

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