‘Yahoo Screen’ and PBS arrive on Apple TV

“Two new channels have appeared on the Apple TV set-top box, with U.S. public television system PBS delivering some of its content through a new channel and Yahoo announcing the launch of Yahoo Screen, a channel for browsing videos such as Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as hosted by Yahoo,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“Full access to the PBS app, which includes over 5,000 hours of content,” Slivka reports, “requires users to sign in with a Facebook, Google+, or PBS account, which subscribes them to email updates through their local PBS stations.”

Read more, and se the screenshot, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV just keeps getting more and more valuable.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jersey_Trader” for the heads up.]


    1. So Yahoo! should just abandon the brand it has spent years cultivating for something completely different? Would you prefer if Yahoo! was renamed Poupon and had a grey motif?

  1. The ATV just keeps getting better and better. All it needs is 3 things to blow the set top box market out of the water and maybe even the game consoles. The new 64 bit A7, 802.11ac WiFi and a SDK to developers to add games and other content.

  2. Nice modest step forward.

    … but live sports are the holy grail. Most households have at least one sports nut under the roof. Until Apple forges contracts with the major pro and college leagues, cable networks will always retain oversize marketing power.

      1. Actually….no. the death knell for the Cable Cabal (of which I am a part) will be unlimited LTE, which is years away.

        It won’t replace cable’s fiber speed, but it WILL put a huge revenue dent next to the one Dish/Direct TV left.

        That is, until cable sheds the soon to be loss-leader that is video and goes to straight ISP, letting that arrangement handle each network/studio as a .com subscription.

        BTW, to maintain the same size plant with less revenue, it is obvious that the internet will have to make up for it.

        But, right over the horizon is the reality that internet providers will soon be considered an ‘entitlement’ like food, healthcare, electricity, gas, phone and housing. Look for the two parties to battle each other for the right to say ‘we brought internet to the masses…!’.

        This will put cable right back on top, and ironically, lower the price for the paying customers (that is, until April 15…..)

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