PC Advisor reviews Apple’s 64-bit iPad Air: Power, versatility, and transformationally light

“Foremost, the iPad Air is about lightness. We tried a 128 GB iPad with 4G modem and on the scales this – the heaviest possible version of the iPad Air – does weigh just 478g, and is only 7.5mm thick. If you’ve used any previous full-size iPad, you’ll notice immediately the transformation from that circa-650g weight

“The resolution is as high as ever at 2048 x 1536, enough pixels tightly packed to become effectively invisible, no more added just for specmanship,” Harrison writes. “Battery life is still exemplary, with Apple assuring around 10 hours continuous use, while we found that occasional but steady use meant it could last the best part of a week between charges.”

Harrison writes, “Ultimately though the iPad Air will suceed by simple nature of its new weight – the lose of almost 200g is so significant to its handling, and means it could encroach on E Ink ebook readers; only with the power and versatility, not to mention gorgeous colour screen, of a real iPad.”

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  1. Me too. Either there was a constraint with production, or they’re planning on something like an iPad Pro for business that maybe will incorporate the Touch scanner, maybe a better camera, some some other feature that would be good for a business use, i.e., a USB Thumb Drive port, (wouldn’t that be nice?). Can’t help but guess what Apple might have up their sleeve. The fact they have MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, makes me wonder. Why did they name the new full size iPad, the iPad Air, and not just iPad. Who knows, maybe they’re planning a larger screen version iPad Pro for business. Time will tell.

  2. You know it will be in another iteration or two.
    Apple has the top ten wanted features, then some guy would say, We are only doing the top three.
    Have to maintain the margins.
    Same with the 5c. Next years’ model will be much more desirable.
    When that Sapphire plant come on line… 😛

  3. I think there are a variety of reasons why touch was not included in the iPad air. Reliability is number one. I have the iPhone 5s and my fingerprint sensor does not work anymore. Worked for about a week and then voilà,no more. Hasn’t worked for a few weeks. I just have to enter the passcode the old-fashioned way. When I called Apple they told me to bring it into my local Apple Store. They said they will replace it. So I believe they wanted to make sure that it was reliable before they installed it on more devices. And there’s the production question. Could they have made enough if they had decided to install it on the iPad Air and the iPad mini anyway? And let’s face it, it’s something that Apple will be able to tout on the next refresh of the iPad line. But I like it. When it worked. It’s very nice. I’m just glad that I’m dealing with Apple and not someone else. Because they’ll make it right without squealing. I just need to find time to drop by the Apple Store.

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