Apple v. Samsung judge adopts Apple’s proposed jury verdict form for next week’s damages retrial

“We’re one week away from the limited damages retrial in the first Apple v. Samsung litigation in the Northern District of California,” Florian Müller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Yesterday Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over this case (and another lawsuit between these parties in the same district), entered orders involving the verdict form that the jury will have to fill out and the instructions the jury will receive before the parties present their arguments and evidence,” Müller reports. “While the judge agreed with Samsung on certain questions (such as a general instruction what a patent is), she adopted Apple’s clear and simple proposals for a summary of the case and for the retrial verdict form.”

Müller reports, “Samsung has been unsuccessful so far with its attempts to muddy the water for the new jury.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the wheels of justice spin so quickly!

Too bad they just spin and never seem to get anywhere.

Oh, well, maybe someday Apple will see some measure of justice over Samsung’s blatant and pervasive thievery. As always, hope springs eternal in the palatial halls of the MacDailyNews HQ!


    1. It’s already happening. SameDung has completely destroyed their brand by it’s continuing trend of copying EVERYTHING under the sun. When Apple finishes switching it’s supply chain away from SameDung that will really hurt them. Classic case of shooting yourself in the face….

      1. It does seem like the Galaxy Gear (watch) did make a lot of people – who normally don’t care – stop and think, “Did they really just create this because of an Apple rumor?” Obviously, we don’t know what the people at Samsung were thinking, but it really, really looks that way. Their watch is a jump-the-shark thing for some people.

  1. Palatial halls … that’s rich. lol.

    Seems to me like this is very good news, and hopefully Apple will come out ahead of even the amount the jury awarded initially. Samsung has grown bloated and slow laying atop its treasures, and soon enough it will be stuck in its own den and slain.

  2. Once Apple prevails with its various patent infringement lawsuits, it will effectively destroy Samsung and Android’s ability to compete with Apple and iOS. Yes, this takes a long time to get through the courts, but once the trials and appeals are complete, Apple will have weapons akin to the hammer of Thor to bash Samsung with!

    1. Google is not making money on Apple’s innovations. Google is making money on search and App Ads in cell phones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

      Google gives away Apple’s innovations for free, as in beer.

      And don’t tell me Google uses Apple innovations on it’s Motorola cell phones. Google loses Metric Tonnes of cash on Motorola and its cell phones.

  3. I suspect that the the greatest measure of justice that Apple will receive is in the marketplace. Neither juries, judges, analysts or even Wall Street can deliver what Apple truly deserves and ultimately desires–only customers can do that.

  4. I say it’s time for treble damages with this new trial.
    Judge Koh can vindicate her failure to enforce a product band
    during the first trial and also kick Samsung in the teeth for allowing Samsung management access to
    Apple sales agreements meant for trial attorneys eyes only.

  5. I still can’t understand why some of my friends and colleagues refuses to buy Apple using the Made In China argument. Yet have no problem passing over Apple for Samsung! I just shake my head. How can I explain it any better that supporting Apple is still supporting an American company. Not only that Apple builds better products period.

    Then it’s back to “it’s made in china and apple doesn’t pay taxes or employ Americans” geeez I just wanna puke!

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