2013 iPad Air and iPad mini buyers guide

“There’s a lot to consider before you buy or upgrade to a new tablet, even a new iPad,” Rene Ritchie reports for iMore.

“What’s more important, portability or productivity? Can you live with an older, cheaper model or do you really need a newer, more expensive version? Which color, what capacity, and if you want cellular data, on which carrier?” Ritchie reports. “There’s never been more to choose from, which means it’s never been harder to choose!”

Ritchie reports, “Enter iMore’s 2013 iPad buyers guide. We’ll go over all the details, all the options, and help you decide on which iPad is perfect for you. And if you’ve already decided, just bookmark, email, Facebook, or Tweet this so we can help your friends and family and you can get on with enjoying your new iPad!”

Read more in iMore’s comprehensive 2013 iPad buyers guide here.


  1. Why bother? That J. D. Power tablet satisfaction survey seals the deal — Samsung beat Apple without even earning top marks in any category! It’s over. Tail between legs time. As John Gruber lamented, “Seems strange…but a win’s a win. Guess I’m switching.”

  2. One of each in every color and network.
    Then line them up on the mantel for photos. Use what size you need at the time, take the one that gets good coverage in town or in the mountains.

  3. Since I only really use my iPad for reading – websites, books, email, etc. – per the article:

    If the original iPad still works for you, that’s great. Ride it into the sunset.

    My wife has an iPad 3 with a retina display. The only time I notice mine doesn’t is when we purposely compare screens. VERY happy with my iPad.

    Congratulations to those of you who get a new iPad tomorrow or over the weekend!!!

  4. Fuck that retarded iOS 7. Makes the iPad look like an Android pad.

    I have not seen an uglier OS since Windows Mobile 6.5, and that is going back a long time. It’s uglier than Android, and definitely uglier than Windows Phone 8. Jesus is it butt ugly.

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