Bloomberg News reviews Apple’s 64-bit iPad Air: Hands-down the best tablet on the market

“I’ve been using the iPad Air, which goes on sale Nov. 1, for a week now, and it’s hands-down the best tablet on the market,” Rich Jaroslovsky writes for Bloomberg News.

“Apple has recrafted the hardware and packed in new software and services that make it more useful for creating content, not just consuming it,” Jaroslovsky writes. “The screen is the same 9.7 inches, but at just one pound, the Air is 28 percent lighter. In fact, it’s now just five ounces more than the latest iPad mini [with Retina display], which grew marginally heavier to accommodate a bigger battery.”

“The Air maintains its wide lead in both the number of tablet-specific apps available — 475,000 — and in their quality. And Apple is upping the iPad’s value proposition by making its iWorks productivity and iLife creativity apps free to purchasers of new devices,” Jaroslovsky writes. “The Apple apps work the way Office should. Using Pages, the equivalent of Microsoft Word, I was able to create and edit a document that I saved to Apple’s iCloud service and opened on a Mac. I also shared it with a non-Apple-using colleague. By clicking on a link, he opened the document in his browser, using a Web-based version of Pages to make changes I could immediately see on the iPad.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I would buy an iPad but for the atrocious iOS 7. I wouldn’t recommend the sort of punishment to be inflicted on anyone, least of all someone forking out $500 for a measly 16GB.

      1. It took me a day to adjust to OS7 and I find very little to fault with it. I use it on my iPhone, iPad at home and an iPad at work. I wish people would give specifics about what they don’t like instead of some broad stroke dismissal.

    1. Wayne, I buy things that work and let me work better. Computer OSs are not what I “work” on.

      I work on documents and on iOS 7 they look EXACTLY LIKE BEFORE.

      Wayne you are a shill. No other way to put it.

    2. Love iOS7 defaults. If you want to customize it there are plenty of settings to do so. Also love the fact I don’t need to deal with viruses. My friend has an Android and has been infected twice with viruses and trojans that stole his personal info. No thanks! Of course he can’t update to the latest firmware because his carrier controls that aspect.

    3. You remind me of the people who howled ad infinitum about Apple’s switch from PowerPC to Intel back in the day.

      Apple’s success depends upon its ability to plan for the future instead of supporting legacy stuff.

      R.I.P. iCards, iDisk, and Homepage

  2. wrote the comment below yesterday in the Mossberg iPad Air review …

    “most of the reviews I’ve read on the new iPad are raves.

    The Samsung ‘troll and astro turf’ manager is screaming and marshalling his forces tonight for his counter strike….
    expect in days following launch dozens of fake forum posters saying their iPad Air’s have “missing pixels, bent screens, faulty GPS , wifi problems, battery leaks or some such sh*t… “

    Guess it’s already starting earlier than I expected.

      1. For good reason: It disappeared not long after I ventured that Wayne (the first post here) was suddenly posting as Dr. Phil. Clearly written by the same person. Read Wayne, multiply the stupidity by two, and you get Phil.

  3. Two points. First, iOS 7 is fabulous, I would never return to iOS 6. Second, after reading all the glowing reviews it makes sense why Apple wanted to stagger the introduction of the two new models (besides the yield issues). I think many who might otherwise buy a mini will now buy an Air. Better margins and it takes some demand pressure off of the mini. I will be ordering the 128 GB LTE with in store pick up on Fiday.

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