Apple’s 64-bit iPad Air benchmarks are insane

“Geekbench 3 results for the new iPad Air are starting to appear on the Geekbench Browser,” John Poole reports for Primate Labs.

“I’ve charted the results for all iOS 7 capable iPads below,” Poole reports. “If you’re not familiar with Geekbench 3, it’s our cross-platform processor benchmark. Higher scores are better, where double the score means double the performance.”

“From a performance standpoint the iPad Air is a great upgrade to the iPad (4th Generation),” Poole reports. “With most recent Mac updates showing only modest performance improvements, it’s exciting to see iOS devices do the opposite with substantial improvements between generations. I wonder how much longer Apple can keep this up?”

iPad Single Core Performance - Geekbench 3

iPad Multi-Core Performance - Geekbench 3

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  1. Just a few disclaimers. There is no guarantee that Geekbench runs the same code on 64-bit or 32-bit architecture (we don’t have access to source, so we can’t see what it does).

    Any comparisons can only be done between different 64-bit machines. Comparing 32-bit and 64-bit is like comparing apples and monkeys.

    1. That may be, but for many people the main tasks they do often have to do with email and using the web, and in side-by-side tests, I saw at most a 3 second difference on most tasks: not worth the upgrade to many unless one has too much money (if that happens to me, I’ll get an air, lol.).

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