Fox News reviews Apple’s 64-bit iPad Air: Best in class

“Until now, size wasn’t the deciding factor between the full-size Apple iPad and the iPad mini,” Clayton Morris reports for Fox News. “There were marked differences between the two such as size, weight, speed and quality of display.”

“But the latest generation of tablets from Apple — the iPad Air goes on sale this Friday, the Mini shortly thereafter — are both best in class: same speed, same camera same ultrahigh definition Retina display,” Morris reports. “So when you’re deciding between the two … size makes all the difference.”

“It’s hard to believe Apple managed to shave nearly a half-pound off last year’s fourth-generation iPad while still maintaining exceptional battery life, which in my all-day usage rarely dropped below 30 percent,” Morris reports. “Yet the Air is now a lot thinner — 20 percent thinner than the previous generation, to be exact. It’s great for travel in my own backpack, as well as in the diaper bag. You barely notice it’s there… Taking aim at both Google and Microsoft, Apple’s throwing in a bunch of free software when you buy the new iPad. iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote are all now free.”

Morris reports, “My biggest disappointment with the Pad Air is the lack of Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint sensor. Once you use it you’ll never want to peck out a passcode again. I see Touch ID as one of the most important technological breakthroughs of 2013. It’s both a testament to how well it works on the iPhone 5s and how difficult the technology was to pull off for one product, let alone two different iPad sizes… Existing iPad owners can upgrade to iOS 7, the latest mobile operating system that the iPad Air runs. And this is a great operating system! It makes older iPads and iPhones seem new. But if you’ve been itching for a Retina display or find your older iPad really breaking your back, this is the upgrade for you.”

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  1. I am waiting to hear the news about the flop number 2 fromicrosoft surface 2, we know the surface 1 was a $900 million loss, surface 2 will cross the 1$ billion loss mark easily 😀

        1. Congrats! Your deductions skill are 0 for 2.
          Also, not only do I not watch FOX, I don’t even have cable (anymore).

          But I HAVE watched news since my father was in Vietnam in 1970, and I know when I am being pulled in any one direction.

          While FOX is honest and up-front about their leanings, others (save for MSNBC) claim to be ‘middle of the road’. They aren’t, and the people who blindly soak up their ‘facts’ tend to have attitudes like, well….yours.

    1. nope. both sides of the same coin. some of us criticize both sensationalistic media outlets for what they are: mouthpieces for partisan political operatives. Neither has shown any legitimate role in educating or informing the populace — they have instead done everything possible to divide and rile up the citizenry. and their tech reviews stink.

  2. typical lazy journalism

    until one defines “class” or the competitors thereof, how can anyone know what this logical limitation means?

    If the new iPads are of identical performance, and better than all the competition, then why not just declare the newest iPads the best performing tablets yet?

    … but then, what would you expect from such a “news” outlet that has no expertise in technical product evaluation.

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