Apple and when genuine data leads to disingenuous conclusions

“I genuinely love the industry analyst business. I love the role we analysts, our data, and our commentary play in helping companies make strategic decisions,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “However, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend.”

“The challenge with data is that the truth lies in the interpretation. Without context genuine data can lead to disingenuous conclusions,” Bajarin writes. “This is why data cannot be put out in the public without context. Yet this is exactly what happens. It creates a scenario where a media industry who thrives on negativity can take genuine data, miss the context, and create stories around a false narrative. It is not their fault entirely. It is the fault of the data firms who release data to the public, without proper interpretation or context, and allow the media industry to draw their own conclusion, and often a false one.”

Bajarin writes, “Genuine data should point out market truths. However, when presented in the wrong way, it has the potential to do just the opposite… When you track the global sales of tablets, it is easy to look at the market share statistics and say that it is game over for the iPad. [It’s not]…”

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  1. Is it possible for someone to estimate Android device sales by level of functionality, so that only sales of those devices that reach the functional equivalent of the Apple iPhone can be compared with Apple iZphone sales? This would be useful, and well worth estimating. Honestly, the Android devices that are basically just “feature” phones or book readers, et cetera should not be included in iPhone comparisons.

  2. Personally, I think the “disingenuous conclusions” are deliberate and are driven by ulterior motives. The fact is, Apple lays out the data for everyone to see. How these guys come up with doom and gloom from the number that have been presented in the last decade are beyond me…

    Also, let’s not forget the Apple is doomed because Steve is gone or they’re not innovating or Tim sucks or any number of BS stories these guys dream up.

  3. ‘“The challenge with data is that the truth lies …”.’

    So the way that should read is: In the hands of analysts, truth lies [is willfully not truth with concious effort to manipulate perception to the advantage of the analyst]. Leave it to analysts to screw up everything, including the truth.

    And the absolutist mentality this person applies in their incessant association of data with truth is garbage. The best and most objective market analyzing can only indicate trends, and on a good day there can be a reasonable degree of confidence in the general direction(s) the data indicates. It’s rocket science, mathematically, but the outcomes are very general as opposed to the highly specific outcomes of solving rocket science problems.

    There is an incredible and unavoidable opportunity for broad interpretation and highly subjective conclusioning when studying market data, and I think that’s where Apple fans/investors are and should continue to be very suspicious of what passes for objective market analysis. IT SIMPLY DOESN’T EXIST.

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