Hey, where have all the Apple naysayers gone?

“One thing I have noticed over the past three months and especially since the successful launch of the new 5S & 5C versions of the iPhone in Mid-September is that the skeptics of Apple (AAPL) seemed to have disappeared into the woodwork,” Bret Jensen writes for Seeking Alpha. “Of course, a stock chart like the one below tends to silence pessimists.”

“I don’t know about most Apple investors, but I kind of miss all the “Has Apple lost its Mojo?”, “Why Apple misses Steve Jobs” and “Is Tim Cook the right man to lead Apple?” stories that were a hallmark of the financial press as the shares fell from a high of $705 a share in September of last year to under $400 a share in late June,” Jensen writes. “The contrarian in me always feels better when a major investment of mine is treated to at least some skepticism. Other than the recent rapid rise in the stock price, the pessimism around the stock has receded for three major reasons.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Bottom line: the analysts were chastened by the unexpected popularity of the iPhone — 9 million objects sold in 3 days — and were confused about the ramifications of Touch ID and a 64-bit OS. The carpet is moving under the feet of complacent tech watchers unable to imagine the future until long after it arrives.

  2. amazon announced that they lost money (again) and the stock is up 9%.
    it’s got a negative P.E of 1600

    some analyst are saying the stock should go HIGHER.

    trying to figure out stock prices from analysts is a fools game.

    1. Amazon will never make money. if it raises its prices people will go someplace else.
      As for me i buy all my stuff from eBay. i can always find a lower price for the same product that Amazon sells and the service from sellers is excellent.

  3. Such a nonesens. 9 millions sold. Who belives that? And in different countries than a year before (for example in china) no wonder the number is higher, it must be higher. But it is not enough, by far not. Wait until the next quater results arrive, then all of you are quiet very quiet. You will see.

    1. they were supplied constrained, didn’t have pre orders for the 5s yet still managed to sell 9 million. And they are still supply constrained some models in spite of ramping up production ( foxconn etc had been on a massive hiring spree for workers before launch ). It’s only this week that they launching in 35 more countries (including big tech buyers like Taiwan, South Korea). The truth is “if people are very quiet” in the next quarter it’ll be because of the naysayers and samsung paid astroturfers have been struck dumb in awe….

      also Apple has about half the carriers of Samsung, as they gain carriers like possibly China Mobile their sales will be in an up trend. Notice that apple after being for along time on AT&T is now on the major USA carriers the iPhone is selling equal (50+%) of ALL the other smartphones BB, android, win phone etc ( the % of the high end of the market is even larger, i.e people are only buying android cheapo phones ).

  4. Where have all the Apple naysayers gone?

    There still here! They lurk sulkily in the shadows. Steve Ballmer is the consummate religious leader of Apple Naysayers, a role that predates the Newton.

    Ballmer’s been quoted making derogatory comments about EVERY successful Apple product brought to market since 1997, all of which have gone on to achieve critical acclaim and more importantly, have undermined Microsoft’s place in the market.

    The only Microsoft product that will outlive Ballmer, will be Xbox, but not before undergoing a name change.

    I predict that within 18-months, the new CEO will announce a Microsoft-branded computer that will eventually replace Xbox.

    Microsoft computers will still run Windows, but every other PC on the planet will be running OS X, including HP and Dells.

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