This Tuesday, Apple will make you want to buy an Apple TV for Christmas

“Apple is in the enviable position that its customers routinely think about not just if they will upgrade a given product but merely when. So if you are Apple, a big part of your growth strategy is to figure out how to balance a schedule of product updates with improvements that you can actually deliver,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes.

“For this coming Tuesday’s event, it seems virtually certain that Apple will announce new iPads (both full size and a new Retina Mini), as well as new MacBook Pros with Haswell chips that will ship with the next version of OS X, Mavericks.,” Kosner writes. “All three of these, the iPads, the MacBook Pros and OS X, are on a reasonable schedule to match consumer demand.”

“In the long overdue category, however, is the Apple TV. Apple has not released a ‘generation’ update of its “puck” since March of 2012 (it did come out with a minor upgrade in January of this year.) This has put a lot of Apple users, myself included, in the position of not wanting to buy an Apple TV because a new one must be just about to come out. This kind of lame duck gridlock is exactly what Apple tries to avoid with its product roll outs,” Kosner writes. “Three recent bits of news suggest that Apple will announce something significant about Apple TV on Tuesday that I predict will convince me and millions of others to get off the fence and buy one of the cute little $99 devices.”

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