This Tuesday, Apple will make you want to buy an Apple TV for Christmas

“Apple is in the enviable position that its customers routinely think about not just if they will upgrade a given product but merely when. So if you are Apple, a big part of your growth strategy is to figure out how to balance a schedule of product updates with improvements that you can actually deliver,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes.

“For this coming Tuesday’s event, it seems virtually certain that Apple will announce new iPads (both full size and a new Retina Mini), as well as new MacBook Pros with Haswell chips that will ship with the next version of OS X, Mavericks.,” Kosner writes. “All three of these, the iPads, the MacBook Pros and OS X, are on a reasonable schedule to match consumer demand.”

“In the long overdue category, however, is the Apple TV. Apple has not released a ‘generation’ update of its “puck” since March of 2012 (it did come out with a minor upgrade in January of this year.) This has put a lot of Apple users, myself included, in the position of not wanting to buy an Apple TV because a new one must be just about to come out. This kind of lame duck gridlock is exactly what Apple tries to avoid with its product roll outs,” Kosner writes. “Three recent bits of news suggest that Apple will announce something significant about Apple TV on Tuesday that I predict will convince me and millions of others to get off the fence and buy one of the cute little $99 devices.”

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  1. Apple should post a notice or disclaimer on all their special events: “Please leave your assumptions and analysts at the door” at least until jouranalists and whore street analysts get back to the concept of writing about the news rather than speculating and pushing forward manipulating agendas.

    Then again such a notice would probably become permanent.

      1. How mature of you.

        The rest of us would like Apple to stop dinking around with its “hobby”. Overdue updates might include:
        1) on-board SSD for tivo-like capability
        2) live sports feeds (unbundled or on a season subscription)

        Moreover, Apple is overdue for a spec update. If Thunderbolt is the awesome new connectivity standard, then why not include it with Apple TV? If 4k resolution is around the corner, does the current Apple TV have the guts to process it?

        As convenient as the current Apple TV is, there really hasn’t been much in the last 2 years to prompt users to upgrade. Mature adults would admit that the time is right for Apple to move the goalposts instead of brazenly attacking any journalist who states that not all of Apple’s products are fresh.

  2. Don’t need another; rented a movie on my new version AppleTV last night and right now I’m listening to music on my old 160GB hard drive model. Dear Apple, please don’t make me buy another one!

  3. “This has put a lot of Apple users, myself included, in the position of not wanting to buy an Apple TV because a new one must be just about to come out.”

    Seriously… you’re afraid to buy a $99 device that is already fantastic, in fear that it may be updated. Why didn’t you buy it a 1 1/2 years ago? Were you researching it to see if it was really worth a $99? And now you are going to hold off in anticipation that it may be updated.

    Clearly this is a case of somebody missing out on the good things in life, while waiting on life.

    If a new Apple TV comes out on Tuesday, you could sell the old one for $75. You could spend all weekend watching a 30 days free trial of Netflix and save yourself $25, by not leaving the house.

    1. You are “assuming” he has not already got one. I am in the same position. I already have two. I am looking for a third. I want my third to be the latest so that I can relegate my last one to a “lower priority room” and replace it with the latest.

  4. I will replacing at least 3 of my 5 AppleTVs in the house if Apple introduces a new one on Tuesday, and I have people waiting in line to buy the three I want to replace. I have a 40Gb 1st Gen that my X’s current husband wants to buy for $100. And two 2nd Gens that friends want to buy for $75 each. Assuming that Apple will still charge $99 for the units if they do update them, it will cost me $50 for three new units.

    (Even if Apple doesn’t update the AppleTV on Tuesday, I may still sell these and upgrade those three to 3rd Gen.)

    1. Is your X missing the 1st Gen and whatever memories it holds? Is she (he?) a serial wedder? “Current” husband sounds suspiciously like just another transit point 😀

  5. (Shhh. Don’t tell the media corporate oligarchy, but I want whopping huge storage brought [back] to the Apple TV. If the media corporate oligarchy saw it happen, they’d blow a gasket, but that’s what I want. A la carte TV, any time I want it!) 8)

  6. I highly doubt apple is going to release anything else Apple TV related before the new year. Why take away from sales of iPhones and iPads by giving people another choice like a new ATV. Everyone has a budget and most will be forced to choose if they want the ATV in addition. Aside from the reality if Apple was to release any new hardware for ATV at this present moment it’s simply to bump up to a 64bit processor as it will do with iPads to keep everything running the same kernel. It’s more of a programming advantage on Apples end to release this than anyone else could benefit from. We’ve already seen Apple TVs latest update and they wouldn’t have pushed those features so hard already if they had anything else special coming just months away.

  7. Very happy with Apple TV 3 . Any new version would need to have a significant improvement to justify the cost of replacement. Performance improvements in the hardware while welcome are not sufficient. Apple must offer additional and compelling functionality and improved user experience. Apple are aware of this and I’m sure will surprise us if and when they update it

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