Verizon’s activations support 36 million iPhone unit sales for Apple’s September quarter

“Verizon announced on its September quarter results conference call that it had activated 7.5 million smartphones and that 51% of them or 3.9 million were iPhones,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes.

“In the September 2012 quarter Verizon activated 6.8 million smartphones and 46% or 3.1 million of them were iPhones,” Jones writes. “The 3.1 million iPhones were also 11.5% of iPhones sold in the quarter.”

Jones writes, “If Verizon’s 11.5% percentage were to be the same in the September 2013 quarter then Apple would have sold 33.5 million iPhones. However, Apple launched the iPhone 5c and 5s in China and additional carriers such as NTT DoCoMo in Japan which could have sold an additional 3 million iPhones. There should also be some channel fill of the iPhone 5c which helps September quarter unit sales. I have estimated that Apple sold 36.3 million iPhones in the quarter…”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple is scheduled to report fiscal Q413 results on October 28 after market close. As usual, we’ll have the results for you right around 4:30pm EDT on the 28th and follow with live notes for Apple’s Q413 conference call starting around 5pm EDT.

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    1. Yep, when I was upgrading to an iPhone 5 from a 4 they tried really hard to get me into an android phone. Luckily I wasn’t one of the many indecisive people that come to them. I told him to just stop, I already had my mind made up.

  1. Phone sales guy’s don’t care what phone you are hobbled with. Just want to sell the one they make the most off of. I’m sure there’s a lot of high-fiving amongst themselves after the suckered customer leaves with Maldroid, not to mention mean spirited snickering. It’s like buying a phone from Scott Farkus.

  2. 36 million says who? I would like to get my hands around this
    “A. Source” guy’s neck. He seems to be constantly manipulating AAPL stock price with misinformation. Smirk.

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