Apple Retail Store employee files class action lawsuit over lost wages due to bag searches

“A full-time non-exempt Apple Store Specialist who worked at both Spokane and San Francisco over a two year period has filed a Class Action lawsuit against Apple on behalf of himself and all non-exempt employees who are employed by Apple as non-exempt Specialists, Lead Specialists and Expert Specialists and non-exempt Managers, Senior Managers, Developmental Managers and Business Managers,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Specialists and Managers are collectively referred to as Hourly Employees,” Purcher reports. “The nuts and bolts of the complaint revolve around the fact that employees that are paid hourly wages should be compensated for the time lost waiting in lines for mandatory Apple security checks every day. Considering this is a requirement by Apple, employees should be compensated. Apple was sued in a similar case in July by two former Apple Store employees from New York and Los Angeles.”

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  1. What bullshit. Every company I’ve ever worked for expected you to be at your station and ready to go the minute the buzzer goes off or your work day begins, and this was in companies with unions. You don’t get paid to be prepared to get your ass going, anymore than they should pay you to haul your butt to work. Sounds like this little asshole “Specialist” has led a rather pampered existence.

    1. I’ve been an hourly employee for a major dealership for years and I don’t get paid to change into my uniform or to wash up at the end of the shift, and have never expected to be so compensated. I was told 24 years ago when I started there when I punch in I’m dressed (in uniform) and ready to work. This case is complete bs. When I leave town for training I’m paid 8 hours a day, no more no less, even though I’m technically out of town on company time.
      What a waste of the legal system.

      1. Exactly.

        And I don’t see this 15-20 min crap.. 2-3 minutes tops where I work and we have 55 people leaving fairly close to each other.

        This is when leaving for lunch? Does every apple employee leave at the same time for lunch?
        How about quit taking bags to lunch… And just take only what you need to do your job to work?

        Apple searches employee bags, outrage.

        Every other company does the same, nobody really cares.

        Apple is seen as a cash cow.
        Hell, I know GM workers have to go through the same and worse security than apple store workers do… Before they clock on and after they get off.

        1. I want to see this get to court.. The guys lawyers go on and on about how long it takes 10-20 minutes etc.

          And then apple produce the in store security footage of the less than 30 seconds it actually takes lol.

          Or the footage of apple store employees getting caught stealing stuff..

  2. Maybe I should sue my former company that I worked for & sounds like “A Bee & Bee”. Even if we were a minute late, we had to round it up to the next 15 minutes. It was also frowned upon, if you sat there & waited 14 minutes. They made many hours from us workers & they would just say, “you’re lucky you’ve got a job”.

  3. The day the bag searches start is the day my resume starts hitting the network. I won’t work for an employer who doesn’t trust me. That’s all the boss needs to know about me.

  4. Treat your employees like criminals.
    Nice going and what one would expect of an Auburn grad- the old southern mindset shows it’s ugly head.

    No amount of fell good advertising covers the fact that Apple inside is very different from the PR approved image.

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