DoCoMo subscribers flee as scarcity of Apple’s iPhone 5s hurts Japan’s biggest carrier

“Can’t get your hands of the iPhone 5S?” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET. “Neither can Japan’s largest carrier, which is suffering mightily as a result.”

“NTT DoCoMo lost a net total of 66,800 subscribers in September, the worst loss ever, according to a report in Japan’s Nikkei on Monday,” Crothers reports. “And DoCoMo lost 133,100 subscribers based on the mobile number portability (MNP) system, the report said. DoCoMo blamed its subscriber-based problems on the double whammy of customers, who were waiting for the new iPhone, putting off purchases, and the subsequent scarcity of the 5S after it was announced.”

“The iPhone has been reshaping Japan’s telecommunications market — one of the largest in the world — as it gains in popularity,” Crothers reports. “DoCoMo’s problem is that it was late to the Apple phone game: the 5S and 5C are its first phone products from Apple.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Maybe these idiots should have started selling the iPhone a long time ago, instead of blaming the loss of subscribers on Apple, they should look at themselves. There executives are the reason people are leaving. Not because they ran out of iPhones to sell.

  1. The hell with Japan, we can’t get them in the US of A. After 2 weeks from placing my order I still have an October ship date. Soon to be November if this continues. I hate complaining, but I really want to replace my iPhone 4.

    1. I hear you. Nothing new on my ship date other than a nebulous October. I happened by the AT&T store and the fellow was more pessimistic and also said, “… more like November.” I ordered an unlocked one, but doesn’t seem to matter. Any 5s is as rare as chicken lips.

      1. I ordered mine at 3:25am Eastern time on the day they went on sale (what was that, the 20th?) and it arrived in Anchorage this afternoon. Promised delivery date is the 10th. A gold 32GB iPhone 5s. Kerchow.

  2. And well might they want their iPhone 5S’s, like … NOW! … and so they really, really should!

    Er … Why?

    We talk about “lies, damn lies and statistics” and so what I’m suggesting below might be a little floored, but it’s fun and something Apple cannot possibly report because it has the potential to trash their iPhone 5C sales. I hope you enjoy!

    So … we’re talking login times for iPhones and indeed any phone that is password protected … and we know that we really should protect our phones, and so many people don’t bother to implement password protection. Touch ID helps us with this – Big Time!

    Check out the figures and the Maths below … oops sorry ‘Math’ in the US.

    I talked to a number of people as to how long it look them to login to their phones:

    iPhone 5 or lower or other password protected smartphone: 5 secs (or more) to log in – sometimes a lot longer.
    iPhone 5S – 1 sec to log in (!!!) Honest, that’s the speed I get.

    So, the difference between all phones and iPhone 5S: = 4 secs (at least!)

    An article I recently read quotes research suggesting that the average smartphone user checks their phone every 6.5 minutes – Gasp! – so that’s up to 150 times a day!! (but I know we don’t do that 🙂 – do we??)
    So lets say we check our phones on average 50 times a day. Is that reasonable? Maybe a bit low, but that’s OK.

    The Math(s) goes:

    Daily additional seconds to open a non-iPhone 5S: 50 times x 4 secs = 200 secs
    (4 secs being the difference between any phone and an iPhone 5S)
    So, that’s 3.3 minutes a day
    And it’s 23 minutes a week
    Wait for it!! …
    That’s 1,196 minutes a year
    OR ….
    20 hours! …
    And it could be more, much more, depending on your usage profile.

    So, buying a iPhone 5S could save a beloved user a day or more of unnecessary input on their smartphone.

    “I love my iPhone 5S!!!”
    (try to imagine this being said in Steve Balmer’s nerd voice at a Microsoft developers conference 🙂 )

  3. I’d be interested in knowing how many iPhone 5s units can be produced in a single day but even several thousand a day sure won’t put a dent in demand. That’s why I believe even if Android weren’t around, Apple wouldn’t be able to meet 50% world demand in a year. It probably wouldn’t make sense for Apple to lower the iPhone’s purchase price considerably because they’d never be able to fill demand in a reasonable amount of time.

    The analysts were really wrong when they said carriers wouldn’t be interested in iPhones because their displays are too small and their cost is too high. However, they probably say the same thing every year.

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