Rocco Pendola: Pandora will likely continue to beat back every competitive threat including Apple’s iTunes Radio

“If we don’t understand the engine that powers Pandora, we don’t understand Pandora. And we can’t begin to comprehend why the company has beat back and likely will continue to beat back every competitive threat including Apple’s iTunes Radio,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “The Music Genome Project sets Pandora apart from every other player, including Apple, not just as personalized radio, but as data-driven music discovery and an artist advocate.”

Pendola writes, “There are times when I’m not sure what to do with a particular song or artist. Pandora serves something up that I don’t want to hear in the moment. But I like the song. I don’t want to thumb it down. And I don’t want to skip it, out of fear the MGP will look negatively upon my decision and not give me the artist or song in question ever again. And, for the same reasons, I don’t want to tell Pandora — on its desktop platform — to give the song a rest for a while.”

MacDailyNews Take: Wait, Rocco, you just wrote that MGP was God’s gift to music listeners, so why is it serving you songs and artists that you “don’t want to hear?”

Pendola writes, “When Apple’s Eddy Cue says ‘It’s the quality of the stations. The question — and what the ability that we have that I felt was unique… that we could have a radio station that played songs that you would really like,’ you really cannot classify him as anything but delusional.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, someone’s delusional alright – and it isn’t Eddy.

Pendola writes, “There’s nothing like it in the business. Nothing even close. And it cannot be replicated overnight — or even in a few years — by anybody. Not even Apple. This doesn’t mean Apple will fail. It’s not in the music business. It’s in the hardware business…”

MacDailyNews Take: You’re right, Rocco, Apple isn’t in the music business.

Apple is the music business.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If Rocco had balls, he’d state unequivocally that Pandora “will continue to beat back every competitive threat including Apple’s iTunes Radio,” no “likely” about it. That he includes that “likely” is telling. And weak.

We’ll be referencing this article in the future. As servings of crow. No “likely” about it.

We have our own prediction for Pandora’s future:


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  1. I like iTunes Radio, but it does play quite a bit of commercials. I play instrumental, chill out music while I am studying, but the car commercials break the to flow. I’ll try it for other types of listening, but I had to go back to Pandora last night to study

  2. I like iTunes Radio, but there are bugs, as others have mentioned. Too few songs by the artist whose channel you’ve created. And songs have repeated too often. For instance, I created a John Mayer channel, and “Crash into Me” by Dave Matthews played twice within five songs. That’s happened several other times with songs on various channels.

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